Should countries be responding better to climate change?

Asked by: Pink3433
  • Yes, All countries needs too.

    Yes, Climate change is the most threat now.
    The polar ice is melting, fast too.. And Sadly US Americans Has to Wait till Obama does something NOW!! The more we do nothing the more problems will be introduced and no going back.. The highest records Just along was 2014 to now!!.
    We all have to fight and Tell the government to Take action NOW...
    I don't need my 3 children living a life now where to maNY people was to chicken shit to take a stand!!.
    I don't want my children's life in a horrible place because people was too blinded about Globel threat and Think that fossil fuel is better!! No its not..

  • Earth is killing it self

    Earth is releasing toxic gasses into the air witch is 70% of pollution even if we try to stop it would not have a huge effect on the earth. But that does not mean that we cant keep our air clean by using solar but we can not stop this unfortunately.

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