• Russia Is Full Of Mad People

    As we all know Russia is a country full of mad people they are going to kill us ALL. This is how they are going to do it. They join forces with ISIS and they get fire alarms in schools to go of then they get a plane and drop a bomb then all the kids from one school are killed and then in a radius of 10 miles everyone will either die or become very ill. WE NEED TO GO TO ISIS ASK THEM NICELY IF WE CAN JOIN FORCES WITH THEM AND THEN BLOW THE S*** OUT OF RUSSIA

  • They want to take over Europe

    Nothing has changed with Russia since their days as the U.S.S.R. They still see the Ukraine as rightfully theirs, along with Belarus and the rest of them. Russia will not stop until they have them all back. They also want these places to become fully socialist. We need to be on guard against Russia because it's only a matter of time.

  • It is wise to observe the actions of your enemies.

    Although taking arms against Russia is the last thing the United States, and possibly the world wants, it is necessary to observe the enemy and be wary of them. It is very likely there will be a next world war, if the US turns a blind eye towards possible threats, utter destruction could come upon our country and the super continent of Eurasia. Russia could dominate any country but the US and China, let us not be in solitude and wait for our enemies hands to rise up in order to take the lives of many.

  • Yes, I believe that countries should be very wary of Russia's aggressive tactics in Ukraine.

    Yes, I believe that countries should be very wary of Russia's aggressive tactics in Ukraine because Russia is blatantly ignoring a country's sovereignty and occupying their territory. Other world superpowers must be very wary of Russia and warn the nation by issuing economic sanctions to ensure that Russia doesn't try to invade other sovereign nations.

  • Yes, it could be dangerous.

    Let's make sure we all understand what is happening. Putin is trying to reform the old USSR and chose to invade Ukraine, even though it had previously recognized its borders. This invasion has been condemned around the world and by the U.N. Rather than back out of Ukraine, it has started threatening nuclear war with the west. In conjunction with that threat, it started moving nuclear weapons around in Crimea and now the west is responding to that. The Russian economy has been going into the tank since the west imposed sanctions against it, and with the advent of the U.S.'s Baaken Shale oil revolution, the price of oil worldwide is dropping precipitously. Although this was not directed against Russia, it is having a very great impact on the Russian economy and the price of fuel has been going down. That's great for the average American, European, and Russian, but it does not help the Russian economy. The Ruble is now essentially worthless. Turning to nuclear war will not change anything. It will result in the utter destruction of the Russian mother land. Putting such weapons in Cuba would touch off that war.

  • We already are.

    We are all aware of this issue, but the Isis crisis is a bigger threat to the world, we should be keeping our eyes on that. I'm Russian myself and I find Russia taking back Ukraine a douche thing to do, but the Isis problem is inflicting so much harm to many countries, we need to be cautious.

  • Yes, countried should be wary of Russia's activity in Ukraine

    According to Matthew Chance of CNN, evidence exists that "Russian troops are fighting alongside rebels" in Ukraine, and Moscow is supplying weapons to be used against the government there. NATO apparently has satellite image evidence that Russian forces have crossed the border into Ukraine. Russia is denying any such involvement, and therefore cannot be trusted.

  • Did you even know what Donbas was before the revolution in Ukraine?

    The US has always made a boogieman of Russia. During the cold war everyone was scared of the USSR. While all they had was a handful of propaganda and a whole army of tattered soldiers. Please tell me how are they aggressive tactics? The U.S.A uses those tactics too, anywhere you look we have the NATO soldiers. The UN blue berets, and militias. If you are listening to what BBC news, CNN, or RT have to say than please leave and find yourself a better source of information. It's all absolutely western propaganda. And yes, Russia is trying to take over step by step their lost land, but that does not mean they do it aggressively. They do it quite slowly, using propaganda for their main methods. I do not like war, but look at this. Why do you people love the idea of free Palestine, but not the idea of free Donbas (it wouldn't be actually free but you know what I mean). Many of you might say "but, but, how come the people of Donbas did not rebel over the years if they want independence?" How do you know that? Did you even know that Donbas, or even Ukraine existed before the Maidan revolution happened. As a Pole, I must say, yes I do have complexes when it comes to the right winged Ukraine. We (Poles) have suffered terribly from Stepan Banderas war crimes. But, I am not completely against Ukraine. I love Ukraine as a Slavic person. But the thing is, why are you looking at the people of Donbas and protest while many other nations claim to be hurt by the U.S. Do white lives matter more to you? Sure they do, it's just that you leftists don't want to say it, because that would be racist. I at least have the balls to say that I am racist to some people.

  • They should not be wary towards Russia's aggressive tacics

    Countries should not be worried about Russia’s aggressive tactics on Ukraine. Because the U.S.A. has made Russia look like the Boogieman for ever. Russia mainly uses propaganda for efforts like right now. Russia only wants their land back and everyone is thinking it’s going to lead to WW3. Which it won’t unless someone takes it wrong or starts a huge war. Like the war going on in Ukraine. But CNN and other news headlines ever talk about how NATO have been aggressively doing the same tactics at other places too. Once Russia gets back their territory or lost land they will stop. But the NATO nations need to keep a tight lock on how Russia does it and in case which likely won't happen that Russia thinks they can take more. That NATO can stop Russia before they get loose. People are only freaked out about this because, the United States has been and still does, makes Russia and Putin look evil and sinister. But if everyone looks up what Russia actually is about and for they will change their opinion. Also, Russia tells China that United States are evil, sinister, and scary and to be careful of us. It’s basically all just propaganda that is taking it to the next level or getting out of hand.

  • It Is Not Our Business

    It's best that the United States simply stay out of Russian affairs right now. Why? Because even though Russia is not as powerful as it was during the cold war, it is still a global superpower. A war, or even another cold war, against Putin is the last thing our way weary country needs right now, just let Putin and Ukraine handle their differences.

  • Russia is not the threat

    How many conflicts is Russia involved in (has been involved in) compared to the U.S? Think for yourself. Just because we are told that Russia/China etc are the enemy doesn't mean that our own country is without blood on its hands. The US has caused more havoc and harm throughout this world than any other country ever. Your patriotism shouldn't blind you from the truth.

    Posted by: MDAN
  • America's lust for power

    The US is doing exactly what it did in WW2. They pinned every country against Germany by using propaganda. They made the Germans look evil. And when WW2 ended Germany was almost destroyed and greedy uncle sam comes out with all the money. By making Russia look like the bad guy creepy uncle Sam can make a quick buck. So no Russia isn't the problem the United states is the problem. They don't want to help Ukraine they want to profit from Ukraine's destruction.

  • Countries should be wary, but not because of Ukraine.

    Russia isn't entirely in the wrong with the Ukraine issue, it's not like living conditions there are much better. Before the invasion, a large portion of Ukrainians in the Crimea were Russian supporters, following the Euromaidan revolution. But it's not as if Ukraine should just hand the Crimea over, either. In truth, I'd be more worried about Russia's claims on the Arctic oil.

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