Should countries continue to let in Syrian refugees given the recent terrorist attacks in Paris?

  • Xenophobia and alienation feeds ISIS.

    Acts of violence and terrorism are almost always carried out by people who feel isolated from society. Groups like ISIS prey on those people. It's surprisingly easy to make people take horrifying actions when they feel like you're their only source of inclusion.

    If governments and citizens start treating Syrian refugees with prejudice and fear, that just makes ISIS's international recruitment that much easier, and international terror incidents more likely. If governments flat out refuse entry of the refugees, then the former refugees have nowhere else to go but back to ISIS-controlled territory. Which just gives ISIS a bigger local pool to recruit from.

    Allowing the refugees to escape Syria and making them feel like they belong in the society they've relocated to will go a long way in reducing the number new ISIS recruits.

  • If we can help, we should

    We live in a global society. From a humanitarian perspective, we would want others to help us if we were in the same situation. At the end of the day, human lives are more important, especially if we can help save refugees. Security is important, but many of the Syrian refugees are families with young children and not militants.

  • Yes, countries should continue to let in Syrian refugees regardless of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

    ISIS has killed more Muslims than anyone else. These terrorists are counting on racial and religious profiling in Western nations to encourage hate instead of charity. These refugees are seeking asylum from the same terror in their own homeland; they are not terrorists. Many countries turned their backs on Jewish people seeking refuge during WWII out of fear that Nazis could be hiding among them. We should learn from history, not repeat its mistakes.

  • Countries Should continue letting in Refugees

    The concept of a refugee is one that needs help. One cannot call themselves a Christian or at least Godly, if they are not willing to help those that are in need. Yes, there is a threat to national security when letting in so many refugees, but not all refugees are terrorists.

  • This shows the danger that refugees can pose.

    There is no way to vet refugees that is 100% foolproof. In every system, there are those that exploit it. In this case, those who exploit the system can cause the death of innocents. A government must first protect its own citizens before they move beyond their own borders. Paris is an example of a failing in this duty, hopefully another incident like this doesn't have to happen before other countries protect their own citizens first.

  • We must defend ourselves.

    The refugee problem is delicate. Obviously it would be nice to help them, not all of them are horrible terrorists but a large part is. We definitely should let in everyone who isn't muslim but everyone else needs to be checked thoroughly. We don't want to repeat Paris and we don't want a caliphate, do we now?

  • Terrorism Coming to a City Near You

    The government does not have the needed resources or capability to properly vet these masses of people. Besides the irrational security risks, how would these people assimilate to our culture, with jobs, education, language, etc.? They will just be an economic drain, which we cannot afford. America should lend aid to create safe havens near their country. Liberals say we are not the policemen of the world as an excuse to not protect our interests abroad, yet we are expected to "be compassionate" by risking our own safety for Syrian refugees. Who is foolish enough to have any confidence in our government vetting of Syrian refugees?? Blood will be on our government's hands when the next terrorist attack comes here...Then maybe people will get it.

  • We Need to Deal with Syrian Refugees Carefully

    While I think Syrian refugees need a safe place to live, I don't think it's necessary to allow them in the U.S. or in other European countries. We could create a safe territory for Syrian refugees near their country. There needs to be accountability and background checks involved with refugees going to countries in Europe and the United States. We should also work towards making Syria a safer place to live.

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