Should countries cut aid to Afghanistan over its corruption and violence against women?

  • No Aid for Afghanistan Due to Human Rights Violations

    Yes, countries should cut aid to Afghanistan over its corruption and violence against women. Afghanistan has a terrible track record for respecting the rights of women, and its corrupt government often makes sure that aid sent to it remains in the hands of its rich, so countries should not send aid in the first place.

  • Yes, aid to Afghanistan should be withheld until that country changes its attitude towards female.

    What aid to Afghanistan is supporting at this time is violence against women and deprivation of education to female children. At this time, Western nations and democratically run Middle Eastern nations are supporting a form of governing that is abhorrent to their own countries. There is no logical reason to support what one would not in ones own country in a foreign country. Money that could benefit the USA and other nations that accept gender equality is now being wasted and used to support an anti-female activities by the leaders of Afghanistan. This should not be acceptable to the females and enlightened males of the countries that are throwing wealth away on supporting actions against women and girls.

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