• Yes. Just yes.

    I think by turning our backs to those who are in need would speak a lot about who we are. We are cowards. We are savages. We are selfish. We are scared.

    The objective of terrorism is create fear and panic. They want is to be irrational. It helps them.

    We must defy them. We must show courage and compassion. We must help those who need it. I understand why people are afraid. It's easy in hard times to give up, to turn your back, to accept defeat. But the moment you do, you already lost. They win. And they will conquer us.

  • Yes, since they're people too

    Most European and North American countries say they are "free" and "welcoming," but those words get swept under the rug when actual refugees arrive. It's time we live up to our reputations and take in the people who need help the most. Anyone who says otherwise is terrified of nothing at all.

  • Yes, countries should do more to integrate migrants and refugees.

    Countries should do more to assist migrants and refugees in integrating into their new home countries as this is critical to their success and well-being. By providing language classes, introducing the culture of the new home country, and allowing peaceful interaction with people already residing within the country, it is my belief that migrants and refugees will feel more at ease in their daily life. By creating a safe space for them to learn about the history, culture and traditions of their new home, they will begin to feel a part of the community and more likely to begin interacting on their own. When they are not comfortable or are unfamiliar with the new ways of doing things, they will be less likely to try, and continue to operate within the most comfortable environment which likely means they are only able to interact with people from the country they migrated from. In order to integrate fully, there needs to be a comfort level with the new country and its people.

  • Yes, all countried should work harder to integrate refugees and immigrants.

    Quality of life is usually poor for many immigrants and their families when first arriving in their new home country. This many times leads to increased unemployment, poverty and crime rates which impacts the whole country negatively. By administering government sponsored programs, countries such as the United States can positively impact this issue in many ways. From language learning services, job skill refinement and culture integration programs, countries have many opportunities to integrate refugees and migrants into the workforce and citizen population.

  • Yes, everybody needs help at some point.

    We cannot forget that if we were in their shoes we would want to be helped, not everyone who comes to another country fleeing persecution means harm to the country they're coming to. Once they get settled in they reward those countries by being a part of the populace and working, strengthening their respective economies and giving them perspective on how other countries operate. I'm sure that the people migrating to a country are aware of things like having to conform to their customs and/or learning the native language so they'll likely be more than willing to do things like that to stay there and not go back to wherever they're running from. All in all it does more (and makes sense) to accept migrants and refugees into the country than to turn them away, the people will eventually get used to and get to like them once they get to know them.

  • Boot to neck in 3...

    The refugees from Syria can go to other Muslim countries, except the Christians and other minority religions, because they get thrown overboard on the boats to Europe. No need to have heathens violating our territory.
    Migrants cannot be integrated, because they're moving around with seasonal employment and whatnot.
    If anything, we should be taking active measures to start pushing them OUT of our land.

  • Nope, not for now

    The world is in too much of a state of confusion with radical terrorism activity flung out around the world. Too many innocent people are being killed by Islamic extremism. This unfortunately has the consequence of nations around the world tightening up on who they allow to enter their borders. Citizens around the world are understandably anxious.

  • We should be careful about who we let in

    Denying legitimate refugees the help they need is cruel. But that's not what I'm arguing for. 21% of the migrants in Europe are Syrian. 21%. Most migrants in Europe are not refugees, they are economic migrants looking for a higher standard of living. Immigration is destroying Europe as crime by recent migrants is very high and people are being evicted to house them. Most Europeans don't want more immigration.

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