Should countries encourage the spread of globalisation?

Asked by: Spartatian
  • A house divided cannot stand

    If we can ever rise above our respective nationalities, ethnicity, religions, and cultures, we would be capable of unprecedented advancement. Our species could handily knock down the challenges that troubled us as individual nations, and we could start behaving like an advanced society, rather than a species that keeps slaughtering one another over petty differences.

  • It's good for everyone.

    It saves countries from lacking behind and not being as efficient as every other country in the world can be. Countries now need to learn to become just one human race, helping each other even if you aren't the same race or nationality. Globalisation helps countries get more and better things without spending the time and resources needed throughout the years to get the product (such as phones, computers, effective food production, etc.) Also, globalisation makes us able to be connected even from the other side of the world. This helps us become more productive even when it would seem as if we couldn't do anything. Globalisation saves time as well, getting cars and planes to nearly every country.

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