• A good thing

    Globalisation is one of the most important topics to talk about. As soon as you look around, you can realize how crucial it is for us . Not only because our economy is determined by Globalisation, but also gives people an opportunity to understand each other in a better way.

  • More pros than cons

    We think that the situation would be worse if there was no globalisation at all. For example: every country would be more isolated. Also you would have more currencies which would not be an improvement for import and export, which isn't good for our economies. So even though globalisation has some cons, life would have been worse without it.

  • Globalisation is better for everyone.

    Globalisation gave people from poorer countries more things to survive. It saves countries the time and effort researching things to create new technology so they can focus on other, more important things. Without globalisation, people and countries would be more separated from each others, not only because of the more obvious concepts such as the internet and phones but also because if globalisation didn't exist, then countries wouldn't be trading information with each other. Also, globalisation brought planes, cars and ships to other countries, thus letting people go all over the world. Letting people be able to go to countries if the other country needed help. Of if they had to flee. Lastly, it would ruin the economies of countries. If the country didn't have trade, then they couldn't get the resources they needed to do certain things. Also, countries themselves wouldn't gain money because they would have no one to sell their extra resources to.

  • The cons of globalisation are overlooked.

    Globalisation disrupts local economies. Due to the spread of culture and opening of business franchises around the world, many small businesses are failing. For example, McDonalds, a very popular fast food chain globally, however, have you ever considered the effect of its success on a local cafe or a local restaurant. Due to the spread of the American culture through countries like Australia, England and others their local culture is diminishing. Instead of eating a sausage roll and Australian foods on Australia day I witnessed many people at McDonalds. Globalisation causes people to forget their roots, it causes a loss culture.

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