Should countries introduce mandatory salary capping?

  • Rich get richer

    The gap between rich and poor, the haves and the have nots, will continue to widen as long as the current world economic system is in place. What will it take before a revolution takes place and the people are willing to stand up and say "NO MORE". History will repeat...It's just a matter of time...

  • Yes to salary capping

    I definitely think that countries specifically the United States should introduce salary capping. Why do some people who sit on their butts all day and not do anything make millions while the McDonalds worker who is slaving away on their feet all shift makes minimum wage. There should be more equality in the workplace. Yes, some should make more than others, but not millions more.

  • No More Outrageous Salaries

    Yes, countries should introduce mandatory salary capping. Many salaries have become extreme to the point of being ludicrous. Factories & other production facilities are screaming that they cannot afford health insurance or pension benefits for their employees while their CEO’s are being paid millions of dollars per year and receiving bonuses on top of their salaries. The production workers labor is making the money for these companies yet the companies continue to reward top level officers with huge salaries and bonuses while cutting benefits for the hourly workers. Let’s take some of the money from those outrageous salaries and bring it back into the work force.

  • What kind of message is that?

    I know I dont want to tell my children that if they are hard working and creative that they can grow up to be limited by the government. True McDonalds workers work hard and earn minimum wage. That is why there is a minimum wage to help protect those workers. Why is everyone trying to blame the wealthy for all of our problems? I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I do work hard and take pride in it. The owner of my company makes a lot of money from my hard work and it doesn't bother be at all. The only thing a cap would lead to is a lack of creativity and ingenuity as people reach the cap and see no reason to strive to achieve or accomplish anything else.

  • It won't accomplish anything.

    If countries put a cap on salaries, then employers will just give other benefits to employees over the salary cap. The main reason employer-provided health insurance (and the whole mess that it has created) is so prevalent is because of employers trying to get around a Great Depression-era salary cap. It won't actually solve anything, and will probably just create residual problems.

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