Should countries offer Edward Snowden political asylum?

  • Edward Snowden the NOT Criminal

    Edward Snowden is not a criminal. He is a hero. He did us all a huge favor by releasing information that we needed to know.

    What does the fox say?
    Pardon, pardon, pardon pardon.

    If the fox says it too, let's pardon Edward Snowden, or at least countries should give him asylum. :)

  • Yes, why not?

    Someone who is accused of something that is a non violent crime and is being pursued by his or her own country has the right to seek political asylum elsewhere. There is no real reason why a country should not decide to offer Edward Snowden that kind of protection if it decides to.

  • Edward Snowden Should Be Protected

    What Edward Snowden did enlightened the whole world to the fact that the United States and some other governments are breaking the trust associated with privacy. I do not believe the United States should prosecute this man for providing the people of America and the world the truth. I hope countries, more of them, do step forward to offer him political asylum. It is clear that United States will not let him return, unless it is to a prison cell and Snowden should not be punished for providing the hidden truth.

  • Edward Snowden should have political asylum in neutral countries

    If Edward Snowden cannot find political asylum anywhere else in the world then it is a major blow to whistleblowers everywhere. Snowden should be able to have a political safe place to go because if he can't than it just shows that there is no great benefit to speaking out towards great abuses, because the world will simply turn its back on you.

  • Edward Snowden is a traitor.

    Edward Snowden sold government secrets then ran for his life. If any country offered him political asylum they might start a third world war! It's completely fair that the US should be able to capture Snowden and put him in jail. Bring him to justice! Edward Snowden should not be trusted.

  • Too hard politically

    Snowden being given asylum will not help anybody in the world, since it will only serve to be divisive on the world stage - something that is always unnecessary if it is avoidable. Snowden now is in a sort of limbo - which is awful for him, and possibly unwarranted, but good for the world as a whole.

  • No Asylum for Edward Snowden

    Edward Snowden should not be able to seek any type of asylum. He signed a contract and oath not to divulge information or processes that the government does. He knew this before stepping into that job. If he was uncomfortable with it, then he should have found work somewhere else. So just because he disagrees with the way we run things in the United States, does not give him the right to do what he did.

  • Countries should not offer Edward Snowden political asylum.

    Edward Snowden has committed a serious crime and countries should not offer him political asylum. China expelled him because they recognized that he was a criminal. The only reason Russia has offered him temporary asylum is because they are trying to make America look bad. Snowden is probably going to end up in jail eventually because he is clearly guilty.

  • No, Snowden should not get asylum.

    Although what Edward Snowden did, by leaking NSA information, might seem minimal to most people, he nevertheless committed an act of espionage toward the United States. If other countries choose to offer a U.S. criminal safety within their borders, they are, in effect, taking sides against the United States. In doing so, a country is thus declaring itself an enemy of the U.S.

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