Should countries sacrifice economic growth in favor of protecting the environment?

  • We absolutely should.

    The world is deteriorating environmentally all because a greedy person wanted to become richer or a greedy country wanted to advance economically. The problem is that we aren't keeping a balance of both, and this is why we need to ration both economy and environment. We may even have to "limit the economy".

  • Economy relies on the environment

    Yes they should sacrifice economic growth because the earth is not simply a lemon to be squeezed. Economy depends on the state of our environment, such as wood for paper, water for the generation of hydroelectricity and so on. If we keep advancing our economy without replenishing our resources then both the systems will fail. Besides, protecting the environment would increase economic growth.

  • Countries would sacrifice economic growth for the good of the environment

    To get something we have to give something, that means the "Give and Take Policy." Without sacrificing economic, it unreasonable to keep the environment good. It doesn't mean that they would sacrifice economic growth completely, they may sacrifice economic growth as much as we need to keep the environment good. I think that's clear.

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  • Economic growth will suffer if environment is not taken care of

    At some point, the environment will be such a problem that we will have to spend billions and billions of dollars and therefore the economic growth will suffer. If we wait for problems to come, we will experience drought lands, floods, epidemics. All of these things are going to ask for a lot of resources from our governments and these resources won't be used to stimulate economic growth.

  • Countries Should not sacrafice

    Countries should not give up economic growth in order to protect the environment because humans do not cause harm to the environment on a large scale. It is politically correct to say wwe should protect the environmnet but if we give up economic growth then America can't help out poor countries as much.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that they should cut out some economic growth so that the environment can be protected, because if we keep going on like we are doing now, we will completely ruin the earth and will no longer be able to sustain the amount of people we have now.

  • Yes, if we do not protect the environment, economic growth won't matter.

    Yes, countries should make protecting the environment their priorities, even at the risk of losing out on economic growth for a couple of years or so. Oil companies, chemical companies, refineries, all companies need to take the time to assess whether or not there is anything in their process that is harmful to the environment and find a way to replace it, engineer it out, or do without it.

  • The environment first.

    Yes, economic growth should be sacrificed for the betterment and improvement of the environment. People fail to realize the dire straits that we are in as a people because of the fact of global warming. If we don't reverse this soon, there is a possibility that earth will become uninhabitable.

  • Countries should sacrifice economic growth to help protect the environment

    Countries should sacrifice economic growth to help protect the environment. Every year our environment is diminishing and many countries need to put a stop to economic growth and protect the environment. We have done too much damage to our environment, and if we don't put a stop to it now, then maybe there won't be a planet for our children tomorrow.

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