Should couples be banned from adopting children overseas?

  • Research the Hunan Scandal.

    Please research into this scandal. Note the following:
    - China is not the only country involved in child trafficking scandals like this.
    - The money American couples pay to adopt foreign children encourages child trafficking.
    - It was 6 orphanages that were caught doing this, not 6 children that were found. In reality, there were numerous children and some may never be found.
    - This is still happening.

    Let me provide some background information:
    The Hunan Scandal took place when 6 Chinese orphanages were found to be paying kidnappers and family planning officials to storm Chinese families' homes, steal the babies, and bring them to the orphanages. The children were then given false papers and adopted out overseas. The papers reported that the children were found abandoned, but this was NOT the truth. The papers were forged.

    My argument, summed up, is that international adoption should be banned because the money encourages child trafficking.

  • There are plenty of children who need adoptions in the United States, so overseas adoptions should be banned.

    There are many children in the United States in need of a home. Despite this, many, usually wealthy, individuals go overseas to adopt. Although they claim to be altruistic, the reason to go overseas is because it is trendy and more "exotic". Furthermore, overseas adoptions often create "baby markets", where children are taken away from their parents, or specifically bred, in order to collect adoption fees from overseas.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Couples should be allowed to continue adopting children from overseas, because the local process can be too difficult and costly.

    I must say that I am now the great aunt of two Ethiopian brothers, ages 7 and 11, that my nephew adopted from an orphanage where they were being housed. Their mother had died, and their father had committed a crime that would require him to be in prison for a very long time. I know that my nephew and his wife love these children, and that they believe they were meant to have them. The brothers feel likewise. They tried to get a child locally, but the process was too difficult and costly. She could not have children, and was in mourning as she and her husband wanted one. They went to various places looking, and were asked if they would consider two children. So they decided to open their home and their hearts a little wider. I believe that they did a good thing. They are going to Little Ethiopia, and are doing their best to ensure that their sons maintain that culture. They have tried to make sure that their transition to America is a good one. The brothers came over on St. Patrick's Day, 2010. They are beautiful additions to the family, which is diverse.

    Posted by: SportyHart
  • Couples should not be banned from adopting children oversees if they follow the rules for adoption from that specific country.

    Couples who abide by the adoption rules from whatever country they wish to adopt a child from should be allowed to adopt a child from that country. Due to the restrictive and sometimes harsh nature of adoption rules of this country, many couples look to foreign countries as their only option when wishing to adopt a child. Many foreign children from desperate and underprivileged circumstances will receive a miraculous chance to have a stable and loving home environment as a lifelong benefit from their adoption by a couple from the United States.

    Posted by: CarolBizarre
  • Couples should not be banned from adopting children from overseas, because there are no reasons to disallow it.

    Couples should not be banned from adopting children from overseas. Living in the United States, we have several opportunities and basic civil rights that many would like to take away. If we allow government to restrict what people can and cannot do with their lives, we begin walking on a very slippery slope. As adopting a child from overseas is hurting no one, I see nothing wrong with allowing people to exercise a little freedom.

    Posted by: SulkyEzekiel
  • That would only make the baby shortage even greater for childless couples if it were banned.

    Some people have experienced problems adopting overseas, but for the majority of law abiding folks, things might take time, but they work out and produce a happy situation for both the parents and the child. Many undeveloped countries do not have the resources, facilities,or families willing to adopt unwanted or orphan children. Why take away their only hope by banning overseas adoptions?

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Couples should not be banned from adopting overseas, because there are many foreign children who need homes.

    If couples were banned from adopting overseas children, many children would be left without parents. Families often adopt abroad because the paperwork is simpler to navigate. Foreign adoption is not usually a problem, therefore one incident should not cause the option to be taken away from everyone. Providing a safe and nurturing home for a poor foreign child is commendable, therefore it should not be banned.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • There are children everywhere that are in need of parents.

    If the process of adopting children domestically were not such an undertaking, fewer couples would lean towards foreign adoptions. It would be great if the thousands of U.S. homeless children could find homes through adoption, but red tape makes this process difficult. It took my cousin and his wife two and a half years to adopt their son. He spent six months in foster care due to minor discrepancies in the paperwork. They were actually lucky, but because of this experience their desire to adopt a second child is gone.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • No, people should be allowed to adopt more easily here, but until then, adopting overseas is fine.

    Even though there are a lot of children who need adoption in this country, I think all the red tape makes it such a long process that people go overseas for a quicker way of doing this. If a person or couple wants to adopt a child, their main desire is to have a child to love and care for. If this can be done with a child from an overseas country, then it should be allowed. A child adopted from a poor country will have a better shot at life here than in their own country. A child in this country who is up for adoption, even one who isn't adopted, will probably have a better life than the poor child from a poor country could have hoped for.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • No, many children overseas need to be adopted so this should remain an option.

    There are many children overseas who are in desperate need of families. If someone in the United States can provide this than it should be allowed. A problem occurs when people "buy" babies. Maybe setting an age range would help if this is the problem. Only children over 5 could be adopted. Otherwise leave the adoptions the way they are, just assure that parents are not selling children to survive.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • I oppose any ban against overseas adoption of children, like other social matters it is entirely the choice of the couples.

    Adoption of children is a humane thing and should be encouraged. Any restriction on the adoption process will decrease the citizen rights of any civilized country. If a couple can support a child and are willing to do so then they are actually upholding kindness and humanity. It doesn't matter whether or not they are adopting someone overseas, it is still equally noble and praiseworthy.

    Posted by: SocialGalv
  • Couples should not be banned from adopting children overseas.

    There are too many children in this world who go without and there are so many couples that want to help. These children who are adopted from overseas would usually not have a long life let alone a good life. I have the utmost respect for any individual who would adopt a child, especially a third world child, and give them a full and loving life. The only problem I see with this issue is that there are many children here in the U.S. that need help too. Orphans of every age need our help no matter what country they live in and I do go along with the old saying that "Charity starts at home".

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • I don't think that couples should be banned from adopting children overseas, there are tons of children in every country that needs to be adopted and we should embrace it across nations.

    Some people feel like adopting children in foreign countries are taking away from the adoptions that can be happening in the US. I believe that the real reason people even go overseas to adopt is because it might be a little easier. Some states have strict rules on adoption that block a few people out of the process. There are so many children who need to be placed in homes so we should real let it happen its great for the child and the parent. Adoption is a big decisions that people do not enter into lightly.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • Couples are allowed to want to have to children from other countries if they choose to.

    It would be beneficial to adopt kids from other countries even if you aren't from that particular country. They are children that need a family to take care of them and it would allow them to grow up very healthy and happily among other children. It would allow people that can't have parents to have kids as their own as well.

    Posted by: waffletime

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