Should couples get married if they become pregnant?

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  • Baby No Reason To Marry

    I do not believe a pregnancy should be a catalyst for a marriage. Marriage is a contract that doesn't go away just because someone changes there mind. While it is possible to get married quickly and cheaply, reversing the decision can cost thousands of dollars and time in court. I think it is best for people to get married because that is what they want to do, not just because they are having a child.

  • No

    No I do not think couples should get married just because they become pregnant. Having a baby adds so much more stress to any relationship that can drive couples apart, so throwing marriage in the mix complicates things even more. A child born to an unmarried couple is no less loved than a child born to a married one.

  • NO!

    So many couples think that their relationship will automatically work because they're having a kid together but that has been proven wrong so many times. If the couple is at the right age and they are actually ready for the child then marriage could be an option if that's what they really want to do. But if it's a teen couple then they definitely shouldn't get married for a long time because chances are, they aren't going to stay together.

  • No way

    Not if that is the only reason that they are together. There are ways for a mother and father to be a part of the child's life with out being married. If the two people do not love each other and the marriage could end in something bad like divorce or violence, than they should stay apart.

  • Free Will Doesn't Mean Get Married

    Marriage, like pregnancy, is a choice. Two people don't have to get legally married if the woman gets pregnant. Stable families exist all of the time without marriage. Traditional marriage is a bedrock of American society, but it isn't the only answer. There are tax benefits to marriage, but a couple with a child shouldn't be forced to wed if a child unexpectedly happens.

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