Should couples live together before getting married?

  • Because it see how they would act together as 1

    Because if they see how each other act it would see where they stand together and how they would have to adapt to the way they are and see how to act towards them instead of trying to be someone they are not.IT would also see how they feel about each other to

  • I live with My girlfriend.

    Me as being 16 almost 17 am currently living with my girlfriend and we have so much fun living together. And No we do not have sex we have not even thought of it yet we just love spending time together. We cook an clean together an talk each other though things we don't understand. We barley even fight maybe 3 time out of the 7 months living together. I honestly think that it is just a matter of how mature you are at what age you are. But I can honestly say that we are better that we sort these things out now an not after we get married. Because my religion says you should only get married once an it is better to find out if you can live with that person your whole live before you get to deep into the relationship. I'm sorry most teens these days only think about sex and that is not the way to live and I even see adults do this I'm sorry but some parents need to think before they act most parents have kids an are not even near ready or or will stay with that person the rest of there life

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  • Yes. They should

    If they love each other then why not take that step but have a backup plan in case it don't work out and if you marry before you live together then how will you know if you can handle each other's living style?
    You and your parter should think first.

  • Yes people should live together before getting married

    Okey so let get one thing strait, this is not talking about testing the waters or testing the relationship if you have to test the. Your questioning if your doing that then young need to get married. Now if you both really love each other and you both have all ready talked about getting married or maybe your all ready engaged to said person then to me I think it is extremely important to move into get her before you walk down the aisle.
    By living together you get to see the others living habbits, can you still love him if he leaves the toilet seat up, can he still live with you when you clog the drain with hair, can you both handle money and share the stuff in the house. Are you a neat freak and he a slob. Can you work together and be happy. These are not questions to find out after you sink all you money into a wedding these are things to find out before hand. Move in with each other for a while get really used to how both of you live and work your odd habits likes and dislikes.
    And yes some people may say it's a sin well if you think that then don't move in together before hand. It's your beliefs love by them this is just my belief and that is to move in before you get married.

  • Couples need to test there relationships.

    Just cause a couple moves in together does not imply that they are having premarital Sex. I think that moving in with each other is a way for couples to see how well they can stand each other and whether their relationship will last. When you get married your pretty much stuck, so why not try and see if the person you love is really the right person ?

  • It can be healthy

    Just because of what people say doesn't mean you can't live with someone before you get married. It can help you determine weather or not you two will make it. It can help you make that decision on weather or not you want to get married to that person. If you're that person who only wants to have one marriage then this can be good to do.

  • It is a definite must.

    How could you ever get to know the person you are marrying if you don't know how they live and how they keep their belongs organized? Confliction comes from a change in life style. When two people move in with each other, it's safe to say that they can't continue in all of their habits. Without living with each other, you will never know how well or poorly you will adapt to moving in after marriage. Try it out. If it's working and both sides can live with each other, marriage will be the bond that will bring you closer. True love is deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone after seeing all their faults and bad habits. It's unconditionally love. Getting married means you are forced into living together; whether you like it or not. Meaning, if it is unbearable to live with your spouse, your marriage will end up with you being miserable or divorced.

  • Don't make a mistake.

    Lots of people say that it is a sin to live with someone before marriage. However, what's worse doing a trial run on a relationship or jumping right in only to get a divorce later on? I think that it's up to the couple and no one else. If it is economically right for them then I say go for it! Don't let what other people say effect you because I have had someone tell me that I shouldn't be living with my boyfriend, but she is married and unhappy. Who's really doing it wrong here?

  • Yes, it can be very helpful.

    If couples want to make a lasting union in this time of prevalent divorce, then they need to know as much about each other as possible. Given that sexual experience must be presumed, then living together will only allow them to find out more about each other's habits and life style.

  • First, it is sin.

    Second, two people make a new years resolution to lose weight. The first says "I am going to exercise" but takes few steps to keep himself accountable. The second says the same thing but then signs a paper and has friends sign it and make sure he goes to the gym regularly. Which person seems more committed to keeping his word? The same can be said of marriage.

    Posted by: jjow
  • "Playing house" encourages couples to act like they are married, without the commitment.

    While there is nothing morally wrong with living together as a couple before marriage, it usually ends up badly for the people involved, such as family and friends of the couple. Men who live with their girlfriends may be more likely to prolong marriage and/or be unfaithful, because they do not feel "tied" to the relationship. Either way, it is a personal choice.

    Posted by: NondescriptKevin
  • Those who live together hurt their children.

    Children need the love and care of real parents. Unstable and broken relationships traumatize children for life. Children of cohabiting couples who come from previously broken marriages get mixed messages and view their parents as having a double standard. For example, the cohabiting parents have great difficulty establishing moral guidelines for their children, especially when they reach the dating age.

  • You shouldn't have to "test" anything.

    A lot of people like to say "it's a great way to test the waters". Okay...Based on that premise what you're saying is that your relationship is completely conditional. Instead of saying, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I accept any and all habits", you're saying, "If your habits aren't too bad and I like you enough after this trial period THEN we can get married." You should have been together long enough beforehand to know this stuff, and no amount of bad "habits" should change your love for someone. Even if you don't "jump right in" that doesn't necessarily mean you'll divorce later if you married for the right reasons (which most people don't now). You don't even need a ceremony; just go find a justice of the peace like I did and boom.

  • Does living together even lead to marriage?

    I have been in 2 cohabited relationships and they didn't lead to marriage. They barely led to engagement. The only thing that benefited the cohabitation was convenience.

    The old saying "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" sums up living together before marriage. Nobody truly makes mental commitments. You may not cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend but are you mentally committed and ready to be with this person for life? Relationships that would have ended sooner drag on much longer than they have to. You invest too much (time, money, etc) that you are weary of giving it all up. And worse of all, a certain person in the relationship puts off marriage for as long as possible.

    If you all are live together like you all are married, then what is holding you all back from getting married? At some point, prolly a few years down the road, you are going to be asking yourself that same question. When there is no good answer for that and you are not moving to the next level, its time to leave. You are no longer in a relationship conducive to marriage.

    The only way I condone cohabitation is if you are already engaged and have the wedding invites sent out. This living together or at least finding your home together is just the next step done a little early. If you must do it, then move into a new place together. Don't have someone move in with you. And if both parties are not looking for marriage but enjoy each other's company, that is a whole different story.

    Now if

  • If you were not sure, why would you move in?

    People often said that the difference between getting married and living together is just a piece of paper. If it were true, why wouldn't you get that piece of paper that shows you're more committed than just moving in? If you have doubts about your relationship toward a marriage, then do yourself a favor: wait until you're sure! You don't need to share an apartment/house with the other person to know his/her personality traits; you can just spend your weekends there to find them out. Also, another good way of finding out bad habits, personality traits etc is to travel to a new place together. When both of you are in a new environment, you can easily see how you two deal with conflicts TOGETHER. Anyway, if you're not sure you should wait. Moving in together is not going to make you feel more sure; the result is often the opposite.

  • If you need to "test the waters" before getting married, you're getting married for the wrong reasons

    Yes, compatibility and getting to know your partner are important, and that is what dating is for. You should date someone long enough to get a true sense of whether that person would be worth the trouble of living with. We all know living with another person isn't easy , so what makes the difference between a successful marriage and one that doesn't last because the toilet seat was left up too many times? The answer is true commitment, something many people lack in a culture where our personal needs come before supporting an institution that cultivates strong families and long term happiness and well-being.

  • Think twice or you might regret it!

    I moved for a boyfriend (ex now) of 7 years. He was in the navy and got stationed in San Diego, CA. He told me that he loved me and promised marriage later in the road. I was young and naïve at the time. So of course I left my family, friends and job behind. The first year seemed promising but after a few months later my boyfriend said, "sorry, but I can't see myself getting married." I was shocked to hear those words coming out of his mouth. I said, "i moved to California for you and was hopes we would have a future together like you said." He then continued on and said that I made the decision to move to California on my on. Well I had a choice to go back home but I figured since I started my life out there already why not stay? I had a good job and made friends.. So my boyfriend and I decided to stay together even though I was uncomfortable of just being his girlfriend. I figured that maybe later down the road he would have a change of heart. The 5 months later he left for deployment. After him leaving I decided to go home.. Because it was hard living on my own since California is an expensive state. My boyfriend and I did well for 3 months while underway. Then on January of 2013 he sent me an email saying, " I don't think we should be together anymore." I was heart broken. July 2013 came along and found out that he was home and back together with his ex-girlfriend!!! Ah in the end I was heartbroken but I definitely learned from my experience and know not to do that again. So ladies please think twice before making this decision. IF your gut is telling you no.. Listen to it :).

  • Your love should be unconditional.

    "Testing" your relationship by cohabiting to find out whether you can deal with your partners habits or annoying quirks shouldn't even be a reason. In a relationship your supposed to love and support your partner not matter what. To further your relationship, it would be best to not give your partner insecurities of how they live, they should be comfortable knowing whatever habits they have you love them no matter what, and wont leave because of it, to test the relationship on superficial factors like that can leave you with poor relationship quality if you live together.

  • It will make things more complicated and probably force either one to stay even when the relationship is going nowhere.

    I have done this, well I'm still in this situation and it has been 9 years and no marriage. I think living together makes it harder to break up and even harder to get a proposal. Most men who do this are still weighing their options and if someone better comes along you're out. It's like you are training a dog for its new owner. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't even consider it. It doesn't matter what or how well you treat a man, I have found out that it is more likely than not that men will ask their new girlfriends to marry them rather than their live in. So DON'T do it! Keep your options open just like he is.

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Anonymous says2013-03-29T22:55:30.517
"First, it is sin." There is not such thing as Sin because God doe not exist. Keep you religion to yourself and stop telling others how to live .
Anonymous says2013-06-26T06:06:59.440
"First, it is sin" - you're analogy is ludicrous, how is joining a gym even slightly related to marrying someone? Living together is a must as little idiosyncrasies before marriage become apparent that are not visible before living together. Are you willing to take a giant risk and find out after marriage that you can't live with this person and then be miserable the rest of your life?