• Couples Should Live Together Before Marriage

    Yes, couples should live together before marriage as a way to make sure that the couple is capable of living together. Too many couples wait until marriage to live together and then find out that they are incompatible in their day to day lives. Living together first would have solved this problem.

  • It is very beneficial

    Living together before marriage allows you to see how your partners lives their day to day life. It allows you to see if you can handle being married and live with them at the same time. What if you decide to move in with a person after you marry them and find out they are irritating to be around and every little thing that they do annoys you??

  • It is completely up to the couple

    Only the people in a relationship can decide whether or not they are ready to take that huge next step, a whole new world exposed to them all new experiences. Of course nothing is easy it is change that they will adjust to if and when they really want it because in the end no one knows how strong their bond really is and no one but them really knows if they are up to the challenge or not.

  • You don't have the stamp of a divorce

    When a marriage doesn't work out, the only option left is a divorce. While divorce helps you get out of the legal bond of marriage and help find someone new, you will always have the "falied marriage" sword hanging over you head, which makes people hesitate before getting serious with you, however, when things aren't working out in a live-in-relationship, both you and your partner can make the decision calmly to go your separate ways and that's that....

  • Whenever they feel ready

    Living together before marriage is like taking a car for a test drive to help them decide if they want that particular car. The trial period will give them a chance to discover whether they are compatible to each other. Couples start knowing each other on a closer level when they live together, which prepares them for a married lifestyle. I have never considered living together as a test, but in reality, it is. There are couples who move in together and realized that their relationship has not future. Some might even question if their partner is even marriage material. If your both sure that you want to spend the rest of your life together, living together can be a good start of your life together. Your guy might now have the perfect ring for a proposal yet and you may not have enough money to plan a wedding right now, but at least you know for sure that you want to start a life together. Additionally, moving in together right after the wedding can be quite stressful and planning a wedding is enough work in the first place.

  • Who am I going to be living with for the rest of my life?

    People are different when they go home. I don't know about you but, I'd want to know how my husband-to-be really is when he goes home. What if they do things you just can not live with? You'd need to know that before you get married, find it out, and get a divorce.

  • Only when they are engaged.

    I think that thy should wait until engagement but should wait before they marry to make sure they are truly compatible. Otherwise it's money time and legal action wasted. However I so not support people shacking it up if they are not going to spend their lives together. That leaves too many women in particular at risk for being left being with children and financial issues for supporting a man who will leave them.

  • Of course not.

    What is the fun part of marriage if you already gave your partner everything before marrying. I believe living together is what you look forward to when you are about to marry. Couples who live together before marriage already know everything about their partner, so when you are married you have the same experience as not being married. I don't know if that made sense.

  • No, couples should not live together before marriage.

    It has been shown that couples who live together before marriage are much more likely to get divorced than those who only live together after marriage. Thus, it is not advisable for most couples to live together before they are married if they want to give their marriage the best chance at working out.

  • Couples should not live together before marriage.

    Even though some circumstances may prove beneficial to couples living together, e.G., sharing expenses, learning more about each other prior to marriage, a better relationship will be the result if they learn self control, respecting each other's space so that when they become married, that respect will remain in place. Though marriage renders them as one, they need to learn that as a person, they still need their space.

  • Couples should not live together before marriage

    Marriage should be taken seriously, and not a "try and see," or "trial and error" relationship." In reference to the author of Ephesians, "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her" (5:25), was not an attempt to see if the relationship would work out or not, but because of LOVE (described in I Corinthians 13), He was man/God enough to intentionally give himself for her in spite of any possible rejections.

  • Marriage is based on love not sex, they become confused.

    The obvious result of living together is sex. In dating people a trying to determine weather they are in love or not. Premarital sex makes it impossible to make a unbiased decision because it confuses a persons emotions due to the connection made with sex. Lust then gets confused with love, lust wears of while love doesn't.

  • I believe that God's way is best!

    I also appreciate the other posts here on the NO side.
    I have friends who do and have done this, but it is not a choice for me. I gave my word to God, to myself, and whoever I might marry one day that I would not sleep with any man but my husband, and living together? Hello way too much temptation! I also agree that couples who lived together before marriage have more failed marriage - possibly because they never believed in the sanctity of marriage in the first place. Sad! :/

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