Should couples require a certificate from the government to become parents?

Asked by: Slade
  • Given the state of child rearing these days

    And lack of parenting, I would definitely say yes. If you cannot take the time to teach your children and give them a good quality of life, then don't have babies. If you have had a history of violence, addiction, or jail time, then you need to get pre-parenthood counseling to make sure you understand what having children entails. If it isn't something you can handle, then don't have them.

  • YES, YES, YES, oh and YES.

    You have to take a test to drive a car, geez, take a test before you bring another human into the world. Not only prove you have some semblance on intellect, but the ability to feed, house, cloth, nurture, and educate the little bast*rd. What is the big deal? Eh?

  • Too many hurting children

    The certificate would be given after the completion of a test. The couples wishing to become parents would of course be offered a course in parenting before taking the test and they would be able to take it as many times as they need. Though this certificate, it ensures that only competent people will be having children. Couples who have children and do not have the certificate will be tested, and if they fail the child can be passed into a couple that has passed the test, but may not be able o have children on their own. Too many parents are too incompetent to raise their children properly, which leads to many of the world's problems today. The previous generation looks at this one with distaste at our disrespect and behaviour, when really it is their inability to teach us otherwise that causes us to be like this. With this process, couples will be verified that they can teach and raise their child properly and in a healthy and safe environment.

  • Any person who wants to become a parent

    Should be able to prove they can be a good parent through a psychological test and a background check. That way we can prevent child abuse. Cause not every person can be a good parent; we can prevent child abuse. Besides family is the basic structure of society if we improve that basic structure we will definitely improve society.

  • Dear god yes

    A citizen of this country requires a certificate to drive a car. To own a gun. To own an exotic pet. To vote. And yet, when it comes to probably the most risky and vital endevour in the life of a human: reproducing, we don't have any standard at all for this? We're more concerned that boa constrictors are being raised and bred in safe, responsible homes than human children? This needs to change. Entirely too many rapists, deadbeats, drunks, prostitutes, and psychopaths have kids. They're only making more problems for future generations.

  • This poll is worded awkwardly to suggest a subversive cause.

    What type of certificate are you talking about? 'To become parents,' suggests adoption rather than natural birth. 'Couples,' is very generic so it must include homosexuals, but it must also include any non-married partners. I completely reject non-married couples adopting children (they should get a puppy, or an armadillo.) So, if the question is as I understand it, I say that yes all couples should be required to have a certificate that states their parenting ability to adopt children. Most of the children being adopted are from broken homes in some sort of fashion which requires that the new parents are capable and trained to take care of at-risk children. Just the fact of adoption can become a psychological damage if the child is not prepared properly to understand it.

  • No, this is a fundamental right

    The government of the US has no stated or implied right to regulate the decision to become a parent. We shouldn't even consider passing laws that would grant this control to a government agency. Regardless of the simplicity of the process this would represent a dangerous assault on personal freedom. It boils down to this: someone would be making a decision regarding a couple's fitness for parenthood. If their criteria is rigid or biased, couples could be unfairly discriminated against based upon any number of very subjective factors. A simplistic test for parenthood would be nothing more than a rubber stamped sheet of paper and an assessed fee.

    There are far too many incompetent parents and these should be dealt with in an appropriately severe manner. This doesn't give our government the right to define who can be a good parent. Parents develop the skill of parenting through the process of parenting. Hold parents responsible for caring for their children but it is an absolutely terrible idea to attempt to regulate who can have children.

  • Creating criminals doesn't protect the innocent.

    Laws have consequences, what would be the punishment for procreating without a license? Will we jail those who fail to comply or fine them? If we jail or fine them, will not that adversely affect the very children the "certificate" is purposed to protect? Sounds pretty self-defeating to me.

    Contrary to popular belief, adults do not require the permission of government to freely exist and procreate.

    Posted by: Tink
  • NO, the Government already KNOWS ENOUGH!!!

    The Government is always trying to control us, know everything about us, etc. It's not their business unless they think we're terrorists! They have no right to just know any and everything about us!!!! ! ! We need more space! The government can't decide if we can be parents or not!!!!

  • Why is this even a question.

    I agree that there are many incompetent parents in the world. But regulating who gets to have kids is a HORRIBLE idea. If this was to take place, nothing would stop the government from disallowing couples to have children based on beliefs and/or race. You're talking about a totally power-grabbing government.

  • Welcome to the Communist ideals of China!

    This is absurd, having children is not like testing for a drivers license. I realize we live in a messed up world of cruel and evil people who do harm to children. Giving Government another hold of power over who is or is not allowed is just stupid.How could you possibly regulate people making children without infringing upon a few constitutional rights as well. Typical liberal idea, give all the power to the government and hope for the best.

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