Should courses regarding the world's religions be allowed in public schools?

  • YES!

    It shouldn't only be encoraged it should be required for graduation.

  • Why is there Law of Freedom of speech if there is no freedom?

    religion is very great thing to have because it can lead you to the right way to live in the society. Also, learning and having one are totally different things. First of all, students should have freedom of religion and pick whatever they want. Students should learn these stuffs and chose their best religious group. One doctor said “Many studies find that religious people on average are happier. But since not all religious people are happier, and not all religious beliefs seem to lead to happiness, we have to search for the “active ingredient” in what aspect of religion might increase feelings of well-being.” But, people think having religion always makes life happy and easier. However, most of religions teach you how to live fair, and honest. So, if we don’t want any cheaters or criminal in our planet we have to fix how we live and be fair. By teaching religions in class will make students very interested also we can make them live happier life.

  • I think that religious courses should be allowed in schools, because they are important to learn about.

    I think it is important that people learn about all the religions of the world. As long as the course does not promote any religion as correct, or put down any religions, I do not think it would be a problem for anyone. It is simply a fact that people are different from each other, have different opinions and views, live in different cultures and, naturally, have different religions.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • There should be classes on all religions, as long as all religions are involved.

    While the schools should not preach religion, it is acceptable for schools to offer classes on religion, as long as they are unbiased and include alternative religions, and not just the three main players of religion. I think this would be very hard for people to do, because they are already biased. It is a good idea. But, will it work? No.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • As long as it is not a required course I think it should be allowed in public schools.

    I know there is the separation of church and state rule, but as long as these courses are being offered as an elective and not a requirement I don't see a problem with it. Religion shouldn't be a taboo, and if a child wants to learn about other culture's beliefs we should let them.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • Yes, because there is absolutely no reason to prohibit the study of religion in public schools.

    There is no good reason to restrict from public schools the study of religion. Religion is such a large and vital part of the world in which we live, and to restrict public school students from studying it would be foolish at best. Going out in to the world with little or no knowledge about something that affects the majority of the world's population makes students unprepared to be productive members of society. In reality, the study of the world's religions should be required in public school, especially since studying them doesn't mean you have to join them.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • World religions should be taught in the public schools, because they are an important part of history.

    I don't think the schools should proselytize to our children. But you can't properly teach about the history of human beings without including the huge role that religion has played. We already teach about the paganism of the Greeks and Romans anyhow. As long as the schools are careful not to endorse one religion over another, teaching about religion is fine.

    Posted by: tagpixels
  • Yes, I agree that courses regarding world religions should be included in public schools, because religion is a part of culture and history.

    Religion is as much a part of our culture, everyone's culture, as anything else. Whether you believe in a higher intelligence or not, religion is all around us, and it makes no sense to discount it. It's not about teaching doctrines, but about examining popular belief systems for a better understanding of our neighbors.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • World religion in schools....?

    I think world religion should be thought in public schools. It gives students a chance to learn what other children are in another country. I don’t think it should be required. But yes, teach it in schools. 😂😐. Kids need to learn more about the world. Not just about their country either. Other countries. You can either agree with me or hate me!

  • Kids need to be able to form educated choices and opinions

    1) the amount of racism and discrimination against basically any religion but Christianity is everywhere in media. There are so many people teaching their kids that all Muslims are terrorists or forcing their ignorant opinions on their kids. These kids never get to figure out the opposite for themselves.
    2) Ignorance is really dangerous. There is so much fear and hatred, and it's usually because people don't or don't want to understand what or who is it they fear.

  • Religions are private beliefs and such beliefs must remain told in private and dedicated places.

    Learning religion in public school could represent a risk of proselytism. Religion should therefore be banned of public area. We can trust our teacher to teach mathematic but what about something which go beyond any scientific view. It would be fair if any teachers would be atheists. Obviously, it s difficult to be neutral when we are talking about private opinions. I’m not opposed to learning about religions from a historic point of view as it permits to understand some cultural differences. Nevertheless, I m against teaching religion based on the principles and ideas. For me, pedagogy must focus on civism to spread the very essence of tolerance in our young mind. I’m not talking about blind patriotism but more essentially about universal values such as equality or liberty. Liberty of faith should be considered here with its rights and duties according to the law.

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