• Get the government out of marriage

    Marriage is not something to get the government involved in. It is sad that we even need the government's permission to get married. People's rights are not being violated when peope marry their cousins. It may be disgusting, but no rights are being violated. Get the government out of marriage completely!

  • They should be 100% legal.

    I don't have a problem with cousins getting married at all. I think you should be able to be with person you love. It perfectly acceptable to be with a cousin and have the same rights as anybody else. We need to legalize incest and let people make their own choices.

  • Couple's right to decide

    The government shouldn't define what constitutes cousin marriage. If both adults are consenting, it should be fine. Only 4% of offspring of cousin breeding have at least ANY defect compared wih 2% of normal couples, which is a minimal difference compared with the 25% of sibling couples. And this isn't Indonesia, cousin couples aren't going to be forced, the majority of them are consentual in the west.

  • Most of them are arranged or forced

    Most of these marriages are arranged or forced anyway. Plus it's super unhealthy. No wonder people from South Asia have so many health issues. People should keep this as their last option. Also if you maery your cousins and let's say you have to get divorced that will cause a lot of issues inside of the family and make things really awkward..

  • Genetic risk overstated

    According to different studies, first cousin marriage results in a 2-3% increase of birth defects. This is roughly equivalent to a woman having a child at 40, and significantly less than someone with a major genetic disorder having children. Neither of these things is illegal. Due to modern genetic technology, we have the ability to diagnose and (in coming years) to treat genetic disease in fetuses. With appropriate care, we can eliminate genetic disease. Arguments about natural-law are silly since incest is actually quite common in nature and throughout human history. Long story short, even without modern medicine, there's no reason for the government to deny consenting cousins the right to marry.

  • Any two consenting adults should be able to marry if they so desire.

    I am for full marriage equality for all consenting adults, including consensual incestuous unions. Why? We cannot help who we fall in love with. If a couple falls in love and wants to be married, then I don't think it should be denied them. As for possibilities of birth defects: the couples can easily take precautions to prevent pregnancy, but even then, I don't think they should have to. We allow people with terrible genetic disorders to marry, despite the risk of birth defects. This is liberty versus authoritarian regulation, love versus tradition. Let's let love and liberty win.

  • I am in love with my girl

    This all depends on the individual's definition of marriage. I believe marriage is precious and unique, its a symbol of love and compassion which simply means that two people have fallen in love and united to become one. I believe there should be no such rule against marriage. People do not choose who they fall in love with. I am in love with my girlfriend who is also my first cousin however I cannot marry her nor show any sign of relation because society does not agree. How would you feel if you fell madly in love with someone and their child and could not under any circumstances display this amount of affection you have for one another. We are not interested in having a child obviously, we are two women in love that raise a child together and we cannot marry. Are you kidding me? I feel like everyone should be able to marry whoever their heart desires, regardless of their race, gender, beliefs, and etc. I believe in equality because I know how much it hurts to be treated as weird or different.

  • If the sole purpose of life and marriage is procreation, then life isn't worth living

    If a 2nd or 1st cousin wants to marry you, and you want to marry them, from what harm does society suffer?

    Marriage isn't just for procreation; it is a bond between two people that allows them to live together and support each other. It is for support. Also, if there were no such thing as incest, you would have billions of 30-great-grandparents, and that's not right.

  • This may sound weird but I agree.

    At the end of the day we're all related in some way shape or form. And if you're Christian you definitely believe that we're all viciously inbred because Adam and Eve's children all had sex with each other. They should just regulate it. If you're brother and sister you shouldn't be allowed to have kids together (just like you aren't allowed to drink while pregnant). If you choose to live an incestuous lifestyle just adopt. I will admit I'm a bit of a hypocrite by thinking this is gross without having a real reason to, just like many homophobes think about us gays. So no harm, no foul.

  • I don't think so

    The reason this should be illegal is, although marriage is not for procreation alone, it does tend to happen. Since incest goes against the laws of nature people should not be involved with their cousins to start with. If there would be any offspring they would be a lot more likely to have genetic defects. This is, at least one of, the exact reasons why the government does get involved. It is because of the occasional couple of cousins who are not morally sound enough to figure out for themselves how wrong what their doing is.

  • Inbreeding causes serious genetic birth defects.

    You only have to go to the rural county of Norfolk in England to see why incest is a bad idea. People from Norfolk are notoriously prone to serious genetic illnesses and often have very low IQ’s, so much so that doctors and social workers there use the acronym “NFN” (Normal For Norfolk) to describe patients who would elsewhere be considered basket-cases.

    This is due to the prevalence of inbreeding in the area, but don't take my word for it, ask their local Member of Parliament, Dr Ian Gibson, who is also the former chairman of the Commons science and technology committee, who said:

    "I would imagine (diabetes) is linked to the fact that people in Norfolk are quite inbred, with many not leaving the county. It is something that needs to be looked at as a priority, especially as many cases are linked to obesity, too."

    When asked if he thought people would be offended by his comments, he replied: "Probably, but they are inbred. If you look at the names in Norfolk, there's a lot that are the same. There is an inbreeding complex in villages - people inter-marry. That might mean more of them have the same gene which predisposes them to it."

  • Cousin Marriage is Unhealthy

    Charles Darwin married his cousin and his daughter Anne Darwin Developed Scarlet Fever and died after She died Charles Darwin Wrote Origin of the Species a man named Karl Marx Purchased Darwin's book and Founded the Communist Party. Hitler Was in possession of Darwin's book while he was jailed by the democratic government of Germany while in jail Hitler took passages from Darwin's book and wrote Mein Khanf he founded the NAZI party and ordered the extermination of six billion Jews known as the Holocaust.This started World War 2 and The Cold War.

  • Most of them are arranged or forced

    Most of these marriages are arranged or forced anyway. Plus it's super unhealthy. No wonder people from South Asia have so many health issues. People should keep this as their last option. Also if you maery your cousins and let's say you have to get divorced that will cause a lot of issues inside of the family and make things really awkward..

  • Are you crazy,of course not !!

    In a common sense,we all know that incest is immoral and wrong because it could be harmful to children.So what ? ,some people argue adult should have right to engage in consensual sex yes i agree but not with your family because that is disgusting and sickness ! Incest should not be compared with homosexual because !Whether incest is consensual or not,it still wrong and we should not provide the couple of any legal right to consent to sex.The law against incest should be more stricter an the public should be concern on the birth defect rather than the stupid nonsense fudamental right to engage in consensual sex.

  • Cousin marriage is a harmful practice

    The aim why we have law against incest because to protect those children who could suffer from genetic disorder in which they could suffer from birth defect .It would be an child abuse,if children have to suffer for all their rest of their life from it.It´s quite obvious wrong,and shouldn´t be an question about it.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T10:09:52.343
Inbreeding has a greater chance of compounding the likelihood of deleterous gene mutations in their offspring. The more related people are, and by extension, the more similar they are genetically, the greater the chance that they will pass on any and perhaps all of their negative traits, diseases, allergies, and other such health conditions. It is advised to procreate those less similar to us and our negative genetic traits in order to reduse the likelihood, and possibly prevent, passing them on to the next generation. The more diverse genetic material may in fact assist in removing or compensating for the negative genetic trait(s).