Should creation be allowed to be taught in science classrooms?

Asked by: bjhqi
  • If it were true, Shouldn't it be taught?

    Hypothetically, If creation were true, And there was evidence to support this, Wouldn't it be wrong on many levels to not teach it? It would be morally fair to the Creator. It would be helpful to the creature.
    In reality, Creation is true and there is sufficient evidence to support this. Therefore, Creation should be taught.

  • God is the true Creator

    While I try not to force my belief on other people I believe that the Creator gave us a purpose here and that we should share it with the world! I'm being serious! Since we All agree that the universe was created some time if you believe the story of evolution let me ask you some thing what about the fossil records there are huge and I mean huge gaps between timeline if it would take say 2 years to change a frog in to a human or a dog into a cat wouldn't there be plenty of fossils? If you believe the big band theory where did the 2 molecules come from? Everything as a beginning and a lot of evidence points to God or and intelligent designer.

    God bless!

  • It is a science class, Not a religion class

    Respecting others opinions, I think that if we're talking about science in a class, We cannot just go there and say that from nothing we got humans. In a science class the teachers should teach what the science believes in, If it was in a religion class they can teach what the religion believes in.

  • Science is Science, Not religion

    In Science class, You are often met with a "law" (for example, Newton's law(s)) that is followed and has scientific and logical proof backing it up.
    In religion, However, It is just a belief that humans MADE UP in order to explain the wonders of the world. It has no evidence backing it up.

  • Religion and science don't mix.

    First, There is strong evidence for Darwin's Theory of Evolution. I have yet to see a convincing proof saying that the Creator exists.

    Two, The concept of creation is religious. And there is also a law stating that there is separation between the church and the state. (Note: Government funded schools are part of the state. )

    Three, The concept of creation is found in only certain religion. For example, There is no God in Buddhism or Traditional Chinese. Since there are so many different religions, Teaching something that only applies to certain religion seems absurd.

  • Religion is not science

    I am not a antitheist. I think that religions can hold moral truths and great wisdom. I do, However, Not think that religious ideas with little to no scientific evidence should be given the same value as established scientific theories with a consensus as broad as Darwin's theory of evolution.

    It could be teached in religion class side by side with other religious idea, But not as science.

  • Its not needed. . .

    Creation is a bit twisted in the sense that creation is mostly like storytelling, Metaphorically these stories are twisted by the creator to tell it from his biased perspective. I do believe in sin and being good is important. Sin is when you do something that is morally wrong and end up paying the consequences in the long-run. I don't believe that there is a heaven or a hell, BECAUSE EARTH IS HELL.

    While being good and kind to others lands you a good place in this life. But humans did evolve from apes, No matter how much you like it or not! According to the Smithsonian website humans evolved from primates atleast 6 million years ago.

    But no I do not think that a fairytale needs to be involved in a study that is backed up with facts.

  • Use of the scientific method

    Science, By definition, Uses the scientific method to determine if ideas should be accepted as part of mainstream science. Peer review is used to ensure this method is applied properly. No peer reviewed information has been accepted that supports creation as the source of life on this planet. To be clear, Exolution is separate from abiogenesis, Which is the process thought to be the source of life.

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