Should creationism be taught in grade school over the science of evolution?

  • Yes and No

    I think that grade school should teach creationism and evolution and let the children decide whether it is true or not. Now I believe that there must be some sort of "powers that be" that if evolution is true set it in motion. It matters not to me what you believe. ( however, I think all you people who say no should read the first chapter of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and chew on THAT for a bit.)

  • Of course it should!

    To ignore creationism would be disastrous to both education and the lives of students being solely taught evolution. Children need to understand both sides so they can choose.
    More importantly, it is essential to recognise that natural science actually supports Creation rather than evolution. It is amazing to see that dinosaurs that are supposed to be millions of years old and supposedly exist prior to the evolution of birds have actually been found with bird remains in their guts. Thus emphatically proving that birds and dinosaurs existed at the same time (this is a fact and based on true and accurate science). Consequently this also proves that the evolutionary time line is in fact a lie and not based on science but rather based on ideas and theories that have been dreamt up by men.
    Even scientists such as Einstein and Newton believed in Creation. More importantly creation and the Bible itself have their authorship resting not in individual's ideas but in the author of life Himself..

  • its necessary to understand the world around them.

    creationism is a realities new idea and in today's day and age is very controversial due to the heavy influence of religion however that is not fair to deny education to those children. we live in a new day and age and it is necessary for children to learn all aspects of the world. it is important for children to create their own ideas.

  • Is brainwashing and is a waste of time

    This is a waste of time. First, that is what church is for. Why should teachers teach creationism if: A. Church is supposed to do that, B. It is not based on scientific evidence, and C. It does not follow the constitution. Teaching one type of creationism in public schools is unconstitutional because it breaks separation of church and state. If it is a private school, it has the right to teach what it wants. But this is not about private schools, it is about public schools. Also, why don't we teach everything about what the bible says. Why don't we teach how demons cause illness. It says it in the bible. Also, every creationist counter point is arguable. For example " If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys today?". That is because, first off, we did not evolve from modern monkeys. Both monkeys and us evolved from an ancient ancestor that you could say was a monkey. Those monkeys are not our ancestors, those ones are dead. Another question I get is " If fire needs oxygen, than how is the sun a ball of fire?". I hate to break it to you, but the sun is NOT a ball of fire. There is a difference between magma and fire. The sun looks like it burns but that is usually a solar flare. The sun glows because it fuses lighter elements to heavier elements. Like hydrogen to helium. With heat comes light. "But creationism can cover gaps that evolution has!". Of course it can, because it is it made up. I can say: " A giant turd can create the world because it can". I could make a story of how turds became human without any gaps. Also, in grade school, if we teach kids about creationism OVER evolution, they will believe it is right. That is brain washing.

  • Creationism is religion, not science

    Schools exist, in part, to teach children science, and science holds that humans evolved over billions of years. Denying evolution in favor of creationism won't change science, so not allowing evolution to be taught is ridiculous. If parents are that concerned with their children learning both perspectives, then they can teach their children themselves, or take them to Sunday school.

  • Absolutely not!

    I believe it is the duty of a school to teach children (what we believe to be) the most accurate information available. Evolution has a wealth of scientific evidence, while creationism is a religious belief that is not connected to science at all. People are free to believe in creationism, but it should not be taught instead of evolution.

  • Creationism Based on Stories and Opinion

    Creationism should not be taught in public grade schools under any circumstances. That's what Sunday School is for. A basic education should be based upon facts and current science, not upon stories more than 2,000 years old. There can be archaeological evidence that can be taught, but imparting a religious opinion goes against the First Amendment principle of the separation of church and state.

  • No, teaching creationism would violate the seperation between church and state

    I believe that creationism should not be taught in grade school over the science of evolution because it violates the separation between church and state. Not only that, but evolution actually has an abundance of physical evidence that proves its legitimacy, while creationism is merely a theory that is held to be true by members of the Christian faith.

  • We should teach science, not religion.

    First off, in the U.S, church and state is separated, and public schools (private schools are allowed to teach creationism all they want) cannot base lessons on religion. Now, if there were good, solid evidence for creationism it would be a different story, but there isn't. There is. However, lots of good, solid evidence for evolution, too much to provide in detail right now. Also, if you want to teach your child about creationism, although I disagree, you can take them to church.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Creationism has no place being taught in schools because it is unsupported by facts. When it comes down to it, schools are there to educate children with facts. Facts are supported by verifiable evidence, creationism is not, and it we make an exception for it, where would we draw the line? We have a duty to our children to give them the best education possible, by teaching them the most accurate information available. This is not creationism.

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