Should Creationism be taught in school along with Evolution?

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  • Creationism should be taught in school.

    As I remember correctly, education regardless with what anyone else says.... Schools teach evolution as a fact. I believe creationism to be just as scientific. Schools do not deferintiate between micro and macroevolution, and they should.

    Microevolution seems to be just as scientific as macroevolution. I would even say more scientific.

  • Students should be able to believe in what they think is right.

    Creationism is actually a part of science, and in my opinion students are limited on education and taught what the government wants them to learn. This is why the new generation is limited with new ideas and limited on religious beliefs. Students can have their own way to live life and believe in what they think is right.

  • All types of creationism

    The teaching should encompass a multitude of intelligent/not so intelligent designers and not one, lest people get the idea of preaching a specific creation story from one specific religion. Multiple designers or aliens came from the sky and made war with each other. Since they are more numerous, then multiple designers rather than one should be taught.

  • Different approaches should be taught to let the student decide

    We can never be sure with theories that can't be directly disproven.
    I'm an agnostic, leaning towards atheist, but I first looked somewhat at both sides of the issue and then decided my current belief from there (chosen Evolution). I think everyone should see both sides of this in order to either further reinforce their beliefs or help shape and make them, but this can't be achieved teaching just one side and not the other...

  • Only for certain subjects, not overall science.

    Creationism is applied in many subjects in school without people realizing it. For instance, In AP world history we must learn the different the different types of religion and how it applied to history. Another example would be English, for students reading " Young Goodman Brown " students must understand the meaning behind it which involves religion. There is many other cases in which it involves religion. However I am against into teaching children to believe in something that they have a right to or not. Religion is something yo should be able to talk about, but not forced to worship it.

  • As a Creationist, no.

    There are plenty of things that aren't science that are taught in public schools. Is art science? Is literature science? Is music science? Is dodge ball science? How about recess? I suppose you could scientifically study anything, but school isn't just about science.

    That being said God DID create the universe in six literal days, and it's backed up with history and science.

    But this debate isn't really about science. It's about affecting a change in the philosophical view of children, one way or another.

    So why does a Creationist object to public schools teaching about creation? The public schools are controlled from the top, currently, by an atheistic viewpoint. They already lie or at the least, don't bother to fact check, what is taught about the Founding, biology, sexuality, and history. And they currently stink at math.
    Have you ever heard of the film adaptation of the account of Noah and the Flood called "Noah?" If you want more people to believe there are rock monsters, or worse, in the Bible, leave it up the public school system to lay out a corresponding curriculum.

  • Science isn't about being fair. Science is about being correct.

    Science has shown that evolution is the most correct answer to the question of how life came to be at the point it is. Creationism is made from the texts of the Bible, with no physical evidence to support the claim. If Creationists want to teach Creationism, they should do so in a Religion class in private schools, even though they will still have to teach a state approved Biology course. It should not, however, be taught in a public school, for, beyond it being wrong, it would necessarily mean that the State would be approving of Christianity over others, which breaks the separation of Church and State.

  • As little time as they get already?

    So we are throwing in more things that parents should be teaching their kids into school. Religious studies, and general lessons about morals and common sense should be taught in the homes. There are so many children that do not know how to pay bills, maintain their vehicle that is essential for getting around, how to balance a bank account, and What is illegal?! A 18 year old leaves High-school with ZERO knowledge of what can land them in jail because schools don't teach that either. Important information critical for life isn't taught in schools its up to the parents to actually teach their children these things.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Creationism is the opposite of science, it is unchanging even in the face of opposing facts and questioning it is discouraged. Creationism is a fictitious mockery propagated by those who cannot accept reality. To teach it as if it has the same level of credibility as evolution or the Big Bang is ridiculous. Perhaps a religious studies class would be a better place for it, as interested students could still learn about it without sullying their scientific education.

  • Creationism lacks support.

    Creationism cannot be taught alongside evolution, at best it could be taught in religions class as an aspect of some religions. Evolution has the fossil record and if that isnt enough we also have genetic analys and actual observation with bacteria and other quickly breeding organisms. Also I'll say this: microevolution is macroevolution, its all just small changes giving certain organisms and advantage in their enviroment.

  • Absolutely not- it's not science.

    Creationism is religion, which cannot be endorsed by a public school. It is NOT science, as it involves the supernatural, and is not testable, verifiable, or objective and has zero evidence to support it.

    Furthermore, it implies to children that there is some debate in the scientific community over evolution- there is not. Evolution hasn't been controversial in the scientific community for nearly a hundred years. There is no "controversy" to teach. We teach science in science class, kids- not Bronze Age myths.

    This has already been decided REPEATEDLY in courts of law- that creationism is religion not science and cannot be taught in public schools. This kind of crap is why we're at the bottom of the barrel amongst developed nations in math and science literacy.

  • No. Just no.

    Teaching it alongside evolution implies that it is science, which it is not. Maybe you should put it in a religion class, but don't try to teach it as a viable source of origins. It isn't. Creationism isn't even a theory. It's a guess based off a book that has already proven itself to be wrong on many occasions. Keep creationism out of the schools.

  • You wouldn't teach evolution in a church.

    School is about teaching and science is a vital part of our understanding of the universe we live in. The theory of evolution is the most logical and factually correct theory existing of why we humans are who we are and why animals are what they are. It is the basis of biology and parts of chemistry. It also explains some of sociology. It is a valuable resource for people to understand the value of and appreciate all life around us.

    The theory of creationism is a guess, based on a story that could be as much a work of fiction as the harry potter franchise. It is contradictory to all scientific evidence and protocol and cannot by any means be marked as scientific. If creationism must be thought, it should be thought as part of a religion class, during the study of christian beliefs. It should not be portrayed as an explanation for life on earth. Doing so raises students, who are ignorant to science and evidence. Why if creationism is taught as correct, surely a murderer, who left several types of bio evidence and was caught red-handed but SAYS he's innocent, should be set free. You're going on the hear-say of someone caught trying to explain something in the heat of the moment. And the theory was written before a time of science and reasoning, and can be arguably dis-proven now that proper scientific practice exists.

    The theory of evolution is logical; the theory of creationism is a story, a work of fiction. Surely we want logical thinkers coming out of our schools?

  • Creationism is not science.

    The only context to teach anything religious based is a comparative religion or social studies class. Creationism, really has no real proper context even within these fields of study.

    Within science, creationism has no proper scientific basis. "Because the bible says so" is not teaching science.

    No, creationism should not be taught in schools.

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