• Yes, creative people should run for office.

    I think many different groups of people should run for office. It doesn't matter who they are. If they're creative, it can only be a positive thing. As long as somebody is capable and has a vision on ways to improve and help the community, etc, anybody should trying running for office.

  • Yes, Creative people should run for office.

    Often creative people have more innovative and unique solutions to problems that many conventional politicians could not solve. So I believe it is a good thing to encourage and elect people with creative and unique views and opinions, you have to be careful to make sure that the creative person could be a competent politician as well though.

  • Sometimes you need out of the box thinking

    Creative people from the arts are used to finding some different way of approaching a problem whether it be out of economic necessity or just plain old boredom. Creativity can help find efficiency flaws that were previously hidden, and can inspire those under them be equally questioning and world developing.

  • It could work

    I think it would be better than what we have in office right now. It would come with some problems though. Creative people usually think out of the constraints of society. Meaning, they would have a heck of a lot of critics. So much so, that many of their ideas would never make it out of the gate because the mass population is to closed minded.

  • We need original solutions for porblems facing communities today.

    People in America have become increasingly fed up with politics. Career politicians make promises for change and then, after they get into office, we get more of the same. Communities are changing quickly and new problems are arising. Yesterday's politics are ineffective in solving today's issues. We need more creative people to hold public office so that they can provide original solutions for these issues.

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