• Creative writing makes us strong!

    Creative writing is a way to open your child's or your mind. It changes your behavior for the better. The characters that you create, usually relate to you. When they go through difficulty, and find their way out, so do you. It is an opportunity to open your mind to new ideas, and to your imagination. It brings people closer together, and it helps with development in our brains. Take a chance to creatively write about anything! I bet you will like it!

  • It definitely should.

    Listen up. SCHOOL SUCKS, and a lot of people agree. How can we make it more entertaining for kids? IS TO INCLUDE CREATIVE ACTIVITIES. If you don't then you are draining the life out of the kids. That is so bad. Many people get yelled at for drawing or expressing creativity, and that should not be okay. My case has been set.

  • Creativity allows more individual freedom.

    If we implement creativity into our school system from an early age it won't make kids hate it. Instead it will allow them to always be able to express themselves instead of always trying to compete academically with other kids. Competing against other kids makes them lose their core values.

  • Of course it should.

    Everyone is born with a base level of creativity and schools should work to expand, grow, and exercise this. Being creative is like many other things, the more you do it the better you are at it. In today's day and age creativity is the most valueble thing you need to be sucessful.

  • Creativity might not be able to be taught but it can at least be allowed.

    However instead of trying to teach it at school, simply allow it. If a teacher tried to teach a could to be creative they would box the kid in a set of rules of what to do and what not to do. For example the teacher tells his/her student color a simple coloring page, but when the kid starts to color, most likely he'd want someone to converse with so it isn't so boring. In this case most teachers would tell the student to be quiet and work on their coloring, stay in their desk, or use certain colors. When the student is done coloring the teacher might grade the paper. If she/he does then it will be how she/he wants it done or by the rules that she/he for the student, limiting the students field of imagination and creativity.

  • Yes it should

    It should because without art in schools how are students going to be able to identify the size and shapes the want their arts and what it should look like
    So like ya it should be allowed and if people have a problem with that then deal with it cause people are who they are

  • Creativity makes innovation

    Creativity should be regarded the same as literacy. Creativity allows for the pursuit of knowledge and the innovation of the world; those who think outside the box change the world. Although creativity cannot be taught and can be placed in an environment where it may grow and flourish. Creativity needs to have a chance.

  • Absolutely it should

    How else are people going to make new inventions that will benefit society if they are not creative? Schools these days want students to conform to standardized tests that make them hate school, and are washing away students who could make a difference in society. Not to mention that its crucial for calculus and physics, where you have to think a formula on top of your head to solve a challening word problem.

  • Creativity is Necessary

    Creativity should be encouraged, not limited. In the real world, being creative is something we must do, so why not encourage it at a young age? Schools should offer more classes involving the arts and ensure that student are in the courses that they want to take, such as art or music.

  • Yes it should be

    Creativity is just intelligence having fun, according to Einstein. Also, you simply can not ASK someone what is creativity. You just do.Creativity is just a natural, essential skill you gain when you are born. In fact, every single person breathing air has a hint of creativity, or even more. And my point is, that you can't make someone's creativity better by teaching them creativity.

  • It is not the job schools to indoctrinate impressionable children with religious beliefs.

    Teachers teach, not preach and children go to school to learn facts not fiction. It may be useful in, for example a geography or history lesson, to discuss the various religions of the world and their differing belief systems, but no one religion should be promoted over another.

    Let churches, synagogues, mosques and temples be the forums for religious instruction.

  • Creativity can't be taught.

    We all have creative minds that can only be inspired or developed, but never taught. What can only be done is to provide ideas that may inspire students to develop what they already have. By saying that schools should teach creativity to students is like saying that the latter don't have creative minds. To teach students about the information in a textbook is already a way to develop a creativity without actually teaching how to be creative. It becomes automatic for the students to really become creative by just learning many things that school already teach as they become inspired.

  • The role of school is to make students a better and right person

    Creativity is of course important in today. However, it should be based on the fact. What is more important is to grow criticism about the issues of society, world, economy, etc. Therefore, more importance is to teach facts to students and if necessary, setting up a special school that teaches and makes students creative is better.

  • YES it's important, BUT if you make it mandatory, it will become a paradox.

    Once you make something a "should be taught" in a school, "should be tested" will follow. How do you test creativity? You can't . It's too diverse to teach, and too huge to be written down on paper and then tested. Children in the past have, and will continue to find their own ways to be creative with the tools they have. Our focus shouldn't be to teach creativity in the classroom, our focus should be to provide students with the opportunities to develop and define their own creativity independently.

  • Creativity is different for everyone.

    Students shouldn't be forced to 'learn creativity' in a specific way. Every person has a different way of showing their strengths, creating a class where they're given specific assignments that may not be their type of creativity could be overall more detrimental than effective. Creating these regulations forces students to work in a certain way, which wouldn't be creativity, but following what they're being taught.

  • Schools cant teach Creativity

    Children need to find it on there own, through there own interests and just being themselves. As a child learns more about a subject, they may find a new interest in it, and through that they will learn how to be creative on the topics that they like. You cant force creativity.

  • Creativity is a natural event to take place, it can't be forced or taught.

    Through teaching a class dedicated to creativity you are limiting a students ableness to complete activities by themselves, you are teaching them they can't be creative by themselves, only in that class they can be. It isn't morally right to create an entire class for creativity because overall, it would not help the students, or their creativness.

  • Creativity can't be taught. Simple.

    I hate art classes in school because the teacher says you have to do it this way and only this way to have an A. My friend painted an amazing David Bowie painting and got a D on the project because he didn't use the correct color palette the teacher wanted him to use. It's the same way with music and dance; there isn't a specific correct way as to how it should be done, it's up to the person to decide what it wrong and right in their mind and what they want to use to make their piece of art come to life.

  • Creativity shouldn't be taught

    As a professor from Harvard I have seen the brightest students. Creativity is not something I can teach. Children of the modern need to be encouraged to think more creatively and have it integrated into the course. You cannot teach creativity but you are able to help foster it and let it grow.

  • School really sucks

    School sucks so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much

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