Should crimes committed on college campuses be tried on site (yes) or in a criminal court of law (no)?

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  • Not On Campus

    I believe if a crime is committed on a college campus it should be reported to the proper authorities and handled in a criminal court of law. I believe colleges are inclined to take care of these matters off the record so they don't have to report the incident, but this does not serve justice to the victim, not to mention it teaches the criminal they can often get away with things.

  • Criminal court of law for civilian crimes.

    Crimes committed on college campuses should be tried in a criminal court of law. College students and campuses are mostly in the civilian realm. Anything in the civilian realm belongs in a regular criminal court of law. No one should have special privileges because a crime happens on a campus.

  • Try them in criminal court of law

    Crimes on college campuses should always be subject to laws of the state and tried in a criminal court of law. This should apply in the united states and most other countries. I don't understand why there should be different thoughts applied to the same exact crime in the same country.

  • No, crimes on college campuses need to be tried the same as other crimes.

    Crimes committed on college campuses should definitely not be tried on site. They should be tried by our judicial system just as any other crime. When a crime occurs on a college campus, it is usually a highly emotional event. When a crime occurs on campus, a full investigation needs to be undertaken. Colleges do not have the training, the time, the tools, or the extra staff to conduct hearings.

  • College crimes in criminal court

    Any crime committed on a college campuses should not have any special treatment. It should be tried as any normal crime would, in a court of law. That is why the court system was created to provide a fair and balance system of judgment and punishment across all areas of the US.

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