Should crimes that were committed many years ago simply be forgotten?

  • They should not forgot it

    We get advice in crime. We should remember to not do it again. We can not just let criminals off the hook. They'll not do it again when we do not forget it. So we should never never forget because we learn from the past and history and will help

  • In some circumstances, yes.

    Serious crimes should never be forgotten, but we have a statute of limitations for a reason. Who really wants to waste police time and taxpayer money working on a 50-year-old shoplifting crime, or a simple breaking and entering charge where the victims might not even be alive and no one was injured? Serious crimes against persons should never be forgotten, but after enough time, let the little things fade into history.

  • No They Shouldn't Be

    A crime is a crime and should have repercussions. When the crime happened and how long ago it was is irrelevant. We cannot just let criminals off the hook. That would be totally wrong and unconstitutional. If someone does the crime they need to do the time as well. No questions asked.

  • We should not forget past crimes.

    No, I do not believe we should forget crimes that were committed many years ago. Some crimes hold precedent in supreme court cases, and we cannot forget history making crimes such as those. Additionally, what would be if we just simply erased everything from the past? We should not forget crimes, especially heinous ones. There is always something to be learned.

  • Learn from history.

    I think that they should not be forgotten as we can learn from past cases and prevent ourselves from falling victim to similar crimes. Police can also understand how different kind of criminals work and think in their shoes so they'll be able to apprehend them better in the future.

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