Should criminal charges be brought against officials who allowed lead tainted water into the water supply?

  • Politicians aren't immune to the law

    I believe that criminal charges should most certainly be brought against officials who knowingly harm the citizens that they should be working for. If businesses or ordinary citizens are held accountable for doing criminal harm to the public, why not public officials? If we granted them some sort of immunity, where would it stop? Would it be alright for politicians to shoot and kill inconvenient opponents?

  • Yes, charges should be brought against the officials at fault.

    If officials knowingly allowed water tainted with lead to be leaked into the water supply for the public to drink, then charges should be brought against them. Public officials are put into office to protect people and make sure that things are up to code. Endangering the health of the citizens by allowing lead tainted water into the water supply means that they are not doing their job.

  • Toxic and irresponsible

    It is criminal for an official to allow toxic or hazardous substances into the water supply of the general public. This negligence can seriously harm anyone who ingests the water tainted with lead. Water quality should never be something we have to question in a society with public water intended for consumption.

  • Officials who allow water to be tainted with lead should be charged

    There should be criminal charges against officials who allowed lead-tainted water into the water supply. These officials may be one of many in a chain of people who are working on a water supply, but they are the ones in charge who sign off on the drinkability of the water supply. If they are allowing lead-tainted water through and that water then leads to sickness or death, they should be held accountable by facing criminal charges much like a doctor is held accountable if they do not follow up on the correct tests.

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