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  • banning of criminal news have influences

    I don't think that criminal news should be banned, because it only scares other criminal from crimes. See the news send out message to other criminal who are involved in similar activies. After looking at other criminals punishments they would be able to make a wise choice of what is gonna be the outcome of their action.

  • No criminal news should not be banned.

    Criminal news must not be banned from the media. Hiding news such as this will only keep the public in the dark about what is truly occurring. This is a tactic used by countless dictators across the world to maintain power. Take something such as this away from the public and they can not be properly informed about what is occurring in their region or country. Without this knowledge they would have no way of knowing what must change to make for a better future. Criminal news must be completely out in the open.

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AnonymousWIngs says2014-03-17T08:34:22.417
The answer to this question can only be determined by two factors-its psychological and perceived physical effects (either positive or negative) on society/public and the intention of the Government and NEWS operators. Is the showcase of some criminals necessary? If so, what purpose do they serve? Is this done purely for entertainment and to cause fear to the citizens of the country? Logically, the intention of the individuals behind such documentaries influences how much and what type they will show to the public.

The effects it's having on society should be carefully scrutinized and taken into consideration. If the positive effects outweigh the negative, and serves to encourage others to not commit these abysmal crimes. And guide them in staying off neighborhoods and distancing themselves from people who are likely to do them harm. Or is it paralyzing its viewers in fear and increasing the country psychological warfare? Is it responsible for discrimination and racism?

Not every place that shows criminal news will have the same positive and/or negative effects due to its cultural and economic differences.