• It’s a form of rape!

    Having your identity and financial future destroyed for many years isn’t much different than years of therapy for rape. Both crimes have ended in suicide for their victims. Severe penalties should be attached to this crime. The crime should carry penalties 10 times longer than the victim spends recovering their financial destruction caused.

  • Criminal Penalties for Identitiy Theft should be Harsher

    Yes, criminal penalties for identity theft should be harsher. Identity theft is a huge crime, resulting in financial as well as emotional distress for its victims. With such lax punishments, offenders will only be encouraged to commit such crimes. I believe that harsher punishments for identity thieves would result in deterence and hopefully a reduction in this crime.

  • Yes, criminal penalties should be harsher for identity theft because of the damage they incur.

    Criminal penalties for identity theft should definitely be harsher because they are extremely serious crimes. The effects of identity theft are not short lived, so why should the penalties be short lived? Victims of identity theft are left to pick up the pieces for years in some cases. If the penalties were harsher, perhaps this would dissuade potential offenders from getting involved with identity theft altogether.

  • Yes, ID theft is serious.

    Identity theft should be treated with the utmost seriousness. When someone gets their identity stolen, they can lose thousands of dollars and it takes a long time to fix the wrongs that were done. If caught stealing an identity, you should get a long jail sentence as well as having to pay the person back.

  • Yes, penalties for theft identity should be harsher.

    I think that criminals caught stealing identities should face harsher penalties. I think the problem of theft identity is a major one in the United States of America today. And with the invention and popularity of the Internet, such crimes have only become more of a problem. I think harsher penalties will help discourage such acts.

  • Yes, Make Identity Thieves Pay

    One of the reasons that many people feel that new, more stringent
    identity theft punishments should be put in place is to help ease the
    financial burden on private citizens. According to the FTC, a 2006
    study showed that identity theft victims spent an average of $792 on
    identity restoration

  • No, criminal penalties should not be harsher!!!

    Many people have reasons behind theft. It could be that they have to take care of their children earn a living, but nobody is employing them because of their criminal record. To support your family sometimes you have to take steps which can cause trouble but they have a motive behind that step.

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