Should criminals have the right to protest harsh conditions in jails and prisons?

  • 8th amendment for state or federal prison and the presumption of innocence for the county jail

    Prisoners have the right to basic human dignity so they shouldn't constantly be afraid of being shanked by one of their fellow cons and their food must be fit for human consumption and i imagine they also have the right to have the cell blocks at least be clean and have air conditioning when it is hot and heating when it is cold. Inmates have even more rights when they are in pretrial custody. This is because they are presumed innocent and should not be subjected to more restraint than needed to ensure they appear in court.

  • Yes they should

    Yes I think that criminals in jail and in prison should indeed have the right to protest ok and yes I think that we should have to allow Criminals In jail and in prison to have the right to protest if they want to because they Are still humans too

  • At Their Own Risk

    Within the United States I honestly don't believe there is a problem with harsh conditions in jails or prisons. For that reason, I believe prisoners in this country should maintain the right to protest conditions, but they should do it at their own risk. There's not much you can do to protest when you're locked up, so it's basically left to starvation attempts and the such, so if you're willing to harm yourself further, then by all means go ahead.

  • To a certain extent

    Criminals should not be enjoying themselves in prison, but they are still people with basic rights. They deserve food, clothing and shelter. They deserve basic hygiene. If their living conditions are so miserable as to be inhumane, they should be able to protest. I would guess that prison conditions in the US are still better than some folks daily situations in third world countries though.

  • Prisoners should have the right to protest unfair conditions

    Many people think that prisoners have given up all rights in our society. However, no one ever gives up their human rights. Many prisons have now been privatized. This means that companies are making a profit off of human lives. They benefit by more people going to prison and staying in prison longer. They also benefit by paying employees the least amount and keeping overhead costs high. While prisoners are there for punishment, we have standards of human rights in the United States. It is immoral to make money off the suffering of other people.

  • Yes, I think criminals should have the right to protest harsh conditions in prisons.

    Criminals still have basic rights and should be treated with dignity and respect, I feel that having to be constrained to one place for a period of time is already a very large punishment and they don't need to be living in substandard living conditions with abusive staff, I feel it's within their right to protest poor conditions.

  • No rights in jail

    No, I believe that jails are already to laid back and are to easy on the prisoners. People who are in jail have been put there for breaking the law and are normally violent and should not have rights while in prison. They should be forced to work and actually be in less plush scenarios.

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