Should criminals in America have the right to lawyers throughout their incarceration?

  • Yes, they should.

    Criminals have the right to defend their cases, and appeal them also, and they need attorneys to file all the necessary papers for them. There are many cases where people have been incarcerated for years and then new technology or new evidence arises that proves them innocent. We have to allow people the ability to have this option open to them.

  • Criminals in America have the right to lawyers throughout their incarceration.

    Criminals in America have the right to lawyers throughout their incarceration. I think that everyone that has been locked up before know that sometimes they are not criminals. We lock a lot of innocent people up for crimes that they did not commit. I think that they should be entitled to lawyers.

  • Yes, of course they should

    What if they are actually innocent? If new evidence surfaces throughout the years, there should be another trial. You can't just lock up a person and throw away the key. The facts are not hard to overlook. There are many people who are actually innocent in jail. They get paid out if they are let free,but is that really worth the price?

  • No criminals should not have the right to lawyers through incarceration

    The cost of insuring that criminals have lawyers for years even decades is very expensive. After so many instances it should be the responsibility of the criminal to pay for his own attorney. Most people would have to for pay their own lawyer if they wanted justice, therefore, criminals should have limited rights to a lawyer.

  • They had their day.

    No, criminals in America should not have the right to an attorney throughout their incarceration, because it would drive the attorneys crazy. A person who is sitting in jail has nothing to do but bother their lawyer. They would expect the lawyer to talk to them all day, and the pay would be very low.

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