• A no brainer.

    Think about this, for a moment. Someone kills a person, and is sentenced to life in prison. It cost a lot of money to incarcerate someone. You have to house and feed them. They get free medical care. That's a lot of money. And who pays for it all? That's right. YOU do. I say put the bastards to work.

  • Are you serious?

    Are you kidding me. They have committed a crime and they just sit in a cell? No way they should pay for what they have done because they could of hurt or murdered a normal citizen. Why should they just sit in a cell? They should be put to hard work for good

  • It's Profitable and I don't care about them

    Just force these schmucks to work, prison should be profitable for society. It's not sustainable to do otherwise, we need another income source and if someones in prison for more than years they should not be a net loss on society. Criminals in prison need to be a net gain, prison should not be a money pit.

  • Oh yeah sure

    This is ridiculous.This shouldnt be a question.It has to be implemented. If these commit crime and just sit in prison, then everybody who wants to survive their whole life without doing hardwork commits crime and enters prison...This shouldnt be encouraged they to be punished and work for what they have done

  • On their rehabilitation

    Ideally they should be forced to work on their correctional process i.E programs emphasizing rehabilitation and inculcation… I'm not versed on "The New Penology." So when they leave prison they can educate their criminal families.

    Abolish the prison subculture and replace it with a K-pop one, replace the corrupt guards with computer screens and lets get some lithium into the correction process as this modern day system is broken. Their labor revenue is spent on contraband, common… higher standards needed.

  • A form of slavery

    If they have life than yes, but I feel like prison should be used for rehablition like it was meant to be, yet it is used a way to make money and turn people into slaves. Not to mention it would take away all those good paying constrution jobs. They would be the first to out source jobs to inmates

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