• Yes it should be

    I truly believe cross country should be in the Olympics yes we do have long distance events in there like the 5000 and 10000 in track and the marathon but cross country is a different sport and I feel like it would bring a lot of new athletes forward and it can be a winter sport or a summer sport so if we did winter it wouldn't compete with track

  • Cross country is challenging

    Cross Country is both a physical and mental challenge. If you don't have good arm strength, good core, or good legs you aren't going to be a good XC runner. If you don't have the state of mind to try as hard as you can or that you can pass the next person you are NOT GOING TO BE A GOOD XC RUNNER!!!!!!!!!

  • There actually used to be cross-country in the Olympics...

    Between the years of 1912 to 1924, cross country was an included spot for men. I believe it should be brought back, there are many cross country runners (not me, cardio? Eww! Haha, I lift weights). Really, all sports should be included, even if they have to cycle what sports they will have that year.

  • More popular than you think.

    Cross-Country(XC) would be an amazing sport in the olympics because it is really hard and popular. Here is 3 reasons why it should be in the Olympics:
    1. More Popular than you think:
    There is more runner in a XC race than Track. Track has 8 runners, cross-country has 80 runners in one race. I love track too. Cross country just has more runners in one race.
    It is a global sport which brings me to my second point.
    2. It's a global sport:
    Cross-Country has World Championships too like Track. People all over the world do Cross-Country.
    3. It could be Summer or Winter sport:
    Cross-Country running finishes late fall.
    The World Championship is in the Spring. I believe it should be in the Winter Olympics. Running involved in both the Summer and Winter Olympics would be great.
    In conclusion,
    Cross-Country doesn't just run on flat surfaces, it runs on a course that has hills, dirt, gravel,etc.
    I believe it should be in the Olympics.

  • Coach Klehr is bullying

    I go to practice everyday, Wanting to have fun. But coach has to go and make fun of me. And last week he tackled me, Breaking most of the bones in my left leg. I am currently typing this from a hospital bed. Please somebody think of me. Rally together and stop coach klehr

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