Should crucifixion be used as a method of capital punishment?

  • Religious punishments are necessary.

    Each Religion whether Christianity or Islam has its own set of laws. Each religion has it's own way of passing out verdicts, it's own methods of punishments as well. Punishments in a religious manner should be held by the state governments. It is not about living in older centuries or not being modern, but instead by doing so crime rates will decrease dramatically. The main intention for religious punishment is not to showcase the cruelty, but to warn others that if they do such foul deeds they might stand where the guilty is right now.

  • Yes, to justify and wash the state's hands of cruelty by associating appropriate punishment with religious undertones.

    Of course, crucifixion as capital punishment should be used only in the most egregious cases where it is absolutely known that the criminal used torture and cruelty to kill *his* victims. One example that stands out is the case of Jeffry Daumer, the serial killer who performed some of the cruelest and most painful measures on his victims like drilling into their skulls and pouring alcohol into the bored holes to keep his victims in a zombie state. Allowing crucifixion would have given the state the power to make Jeffry Daumer suffer the same cruelty he perpetrated on his victims yet allow the state to have committed the cruelty on him with religious justification that Mr. Daumer's soul was being saved. This would be important so that the state does not receive retribution as it could if the criminal was killed with cruelty by other means.

  • ... How could you do something like that

    To have this in 2013 would be unreal. How could a human do something like that, how could someone be that horrible? To put the force of crucifying someone and putting a nail through their hand. I would be far to scared to do that to someone - partly because I am nice. No death penalty is ever justified as it is hypocritical and just ad bad or even worse than the crime the person committed themselves. Some of these punishments I would never even dream of having done to myself or using them on other people.

  • What the heck?

    This is the dumbest argument I have ever heard. Of course not! What are we, medieval? This is so inhumane. Probably the worst type of punishment. No one should have to go through this, no matter what they've done. We all sin - it's up to God decide the end punishment. If God decides they are evil then he will give them what they deserve, meaning eternal punishment. I do not think we as humans have the right to put someone of our own kind through this torture. Medieval. We are better than this!

  • Evolve a little please

    I am very pro capital punishment, however crucifixion is just plain barbaric. Believe in Jesus or not, the story is based on how barbaric crucifixion is.
    We simply are no barbarians, nor should be support any form of barbarism. Execution of those who administer nothing but negative to society I would support, but in a humane method. How I personally define a "humane execution" would be something that administers death within 30 seconds or less. Our nation loves guns, so use those, or hanging, electric chair etc. Lethal injection is far too expensive and far to unreasonably comforting to a person who gave up their rights to an extent of requiring execution to begin with.

  • I can't even.

    1. In the United States, the Eighth Amendment protects its citizens from cruel and unusual punishment.

    2. Not even Christians see this as an acceptable method of capital punishment, so I don't know what belief you crawled out of.

    3. I've been crucified once for being a ginger. It sucks.

  • Yes that sounds totally benefitial

    Not. Any radical beliefs that support crucifixion are not reason enough to enact laws that provide means to crucify people. Besides it wont even prevent violence considering that even when crucifixion was being used people still committed crimes therefor the only net benefit of this is stinking the air up rotting men nailed to trees and pleasing radical religious groups and I doubt anyone in their right mindset would support this is this day and age

  • Are you crazy?

    What the hell kind of stupid question is this? Of course not! Crucifixion's purpose is to slowly kill the victim by asphyxiation. What kind of society slowly kills people? We are much better than this, and nothing good will come of torturing our own people, even when they do wrong.

  • There should be no capital punishment.

    Capital punishment should be outlawed completely. However, if it's not going to be, crucifixion surely should not be used as a method of execution. It is cruel and unusual punishment. No civilized society should even consider allowing it as a method of death. What possible benefit to society would there be in implementing crucifixion?

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