• Cruelty should be met with kindness

    Cruelty should be met with kindness only in the correct context and circumstance. For instance, a animal that was treated badly and with cruelty should be treated with kindness. However, the person that performed the cruel act should not be treated in the same way. So yes, cruelty should be met with kindness to counter the negative adverse effects of the situation.

  • Cruelty should be met with kindness.

    After all, What does anger help? Now not only do they treat you with cruelty, But they take away your happiness. This only serves to make you unhappy. Please take this sort of thing to heart- it is so important to be compassionate even to those that are rude. If you look closer you will see they only think being rude will make them happier, But it only leads to guilt for them, So recognize this! Try to get them out of that cycle.

  • Not worth it.

    I openly admit that getting revenge is much more immediately satisfying. I've given into it countless times It is also easier and a great way of getting even. In the end though, It isn't worth it. Things just escalate as you go down. It's how wars start. I mean, Think of the hostility between Sunnis and Shiites. Violence isn't always the answer. For example, There was a woman who forgave a man who'd killed her son for money. She said that hating him wouldn't bring her son back. While revenge feels better in the short run, You'll feel at peace with yourself if kindness becomes your weapon.

  • Negotiation, Interrogation, and Persuasion: The Three Skills You Need for When Things Go Awry.

    Yes, at times. Difficult problems can be exacerbated using kindness. Nessicary life skills such as negotiation, interrogation, and persuasion are three principalities for cooling down cruelty. In my experience I have lost control of my temper because I faked being nice. I stored my true feelings deep inside by stuffing them down. If you can look deeply at yourself and others, cultivate the spirit of compassion and kindness. They will be your best allies. In stressful situations, you will need to remain light hearted. If the mind is unrefined anger can reflect itself in you long after an argument or unfair appointment for hours. Forgiveness is essential. Kindness should be used to inspire others to show their brightest colors.

  • At most times.

    It's difficult, but cruelty should at most times be met with kindness. Unless, the response is to teach that person a lesson in a legitimate sense, then it's okay. But otherwise, if you return the act of cruelty, then it'll just come back around once again. It doesn't help anybody, certainly not yourself.

  • Yes, whenever possible.

    It is hard to meet cruelty with kindness and sometimes it just can not be done for various personal reasons. However, whenever we can do that, it is good for us for then we do not become like the cruel person. This was a lesson that Nelson Mandela in South Africa personified.

  • Yes, cruelty should be met with kindness

    I believe that cruelty should be met with kindness. When someone is cruel to you and you respond in kind, you allow him to degrade you. If you stick to your principles and refuse to sink to his level, you deny him any real victory over you. Although his cruelty hurts temporarily, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the right thing. And your kindness and dignity might make an impression on the cruel person and mitigate his behavior in the future, so you might save someone else from cruelty in the future, or even help to redeem your abuser.

  • Its so Stupid

    If someone hurts you, It is only fair to get REVENGE. The idiots in this world need to learn. Often, People write about not retaliating sounding like blooming saints. I have to bring you back to earth from this outlandish fantasy by saying" Get your own back, Or you WILL regret it! "

  • If cruelty delivered by any human, then he/she should be punished with matching answer.

    If any disease, in this case wrong / cruel behaviour by a human being is tolerated by others and he/she is given kind treatment; then the cruel person will take the world for granted. Also there is a risk that many people will start believing that they can easily get away with any act of cruelty.

  • If you are kind to those who are cruel to you, how will you treat someone who is kind to you?

    'Some one said, "What do you say concerning the principle that injury should be recompensed with kindness?" The Master said, "With what then will you recompense kindness? Recompense injury with justice, and recompense kindness with kindness."' (Analects 14.34) Besides, a gentleman should hate the wrongful acts of others. 'The Master said, "It is only the (truly) virtuous man, who can love, or who can hate, others."' (Analects 4.3)

  • Equality for all

    Im a firm believer in an eye for an eye. In nature hostility between equal creatures results usually in both showing anger. In our world we show this example in prisons with the death penalty which is usually how we in society see cruel acts against others be dealt with. A cruel act of murder is met with a cruel act of removing freedom and quick fated death.

  • Cruelty And Kindness

    I personally think that cruelty would not be met with kindness because an individual must give respect to get respect which is a give and take. I personally think that cruelty would not be met with kindness because someone that is being nice to a person that is just being cruel is unfair to the person that is being kind.

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