Should crybabies have special privileges at the expense of others' rights?

Asked by: jtightlips24
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  • I hate when people complain about something they don't like and get it banned

    I understand you have rights to petition the government. But you are not entitled to demand a world where everyone has to accommodate your small minded lifestyle. Just cause you dont like something does not give you the right to ban it. Your not the only people in the world. If you dont like beer, dont drink it. If you dont like people drinking beer, well, thats not your concern. And look what we have, politically correct babies who want to force us to speak a certain way. We have religious fanatics who try to eliminate behaviors they dont like. They try to press charges on people who offend them.

  • Life's rough,get used to it

    It is an unacceptable thing for crybabies to have things that don't belong at the expense of others. A person must make his or her way in life. The kids who are crybabies today are the pathetic money takers that expect the world to pay for them and their stupid, misguided ways. This may sound spartan or Roman, but one must not get advantages at others expense and yet it happens every day and I am sick of it!

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LAQUAINE says2013-11-12T15:28:38.657
Ironically this question was made by a pathological crybaby.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-12T17:05:58.380
@laquaine, spew your ignorance somewhere else. You appear to not give any reasonable opposition to my statement, except some immature insult. Grow up.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-12T17:18:28.937
I used the word pathological. Clearly I'm smart enough to be right.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-13T01:35:40.863
@Laquaine, Using big words is just a way for stupid people to sound smart. Cause clearly calling someone a pathological crybaby without any explanation just shows ignorance.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-13T01:48:42.957
Okay fine, I won't say pathological. Although, your post under this looks more like a guy whining than anything. I mean, "*You're not the only people in the world." That's a really whiny way to word a statement. Plus you used the wrong word at the beginning, which just makes the pathos behind the sentence less credible on an intelligent scale. I mean, first you're talking about how people shouldn't be creating a world that suits what they want, but that's you telling other people how they should live so the world is more palatable to you. Just one more complaint on grammar, don't begin a sentence with a conjunction. Conjunctions are made to join sentences not start them. Yes we have religious fanatics trying to eliminate behaviors they don't like. Please try to sum up your entire post without it sounding like "people aren't behaving the way I think they ought to behave." Please don't even start on "political crybabies who want to force us to speak a certain way." Does that upset you? I'm sorry, but I can't see how your own post doesn't make you cry if that's the case. Those religious fanatics have a good word for you: hypocrite. In case your lack of understanding of the English language prevents you from knowing that means you act in contradiction to your said beliefs. Just cause you don't like something does not give you the right to ban it. Oh, I'm sorry. Were those your words?
DatAzian says2013-11-13T14:02:28.027
Hey, @jtightlips24, do yo need yo momma to help you?
jtightlips24 says2013-11-13T18:44:57.353
@DatAzian, grow up, you are acting like an immature little brat, like your scumbag friend LAQUAINE. You are both acting like immature little gradeschoolers. If you cannot give an intelligent debate, then dont bother to comment. Apparently losers like yourselves find it funny to troll others polls and try to be cool. Well let me tell you, you look like a bunch of elementary school losers with no self esteem, who's only goal in life is to try to make others look stupid. Its you losers who will be working at mcdonalds years after you die.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-13T18:54:26.080
Oh my gosh you're right, because logically three comments on a thread determine the rest of my life. Although, in the last comment I made I actually gave you some arguments, like the clear contradiction between what you say and do.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-13T19:03:48.353
No LAQUAINE, you are just twisting facts to make your argument sound better. You sound like nothing but a hypocrite hunter crying under the intolerance paradox about how small minded bigots are loosing their rights to take away others rights, and how hypocritical it is. Read the damn constitution you dumbass. We have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in that exact order for a good reason. This applies to people like you. Lets see, the reason liberty comes first is that you cannot seek happiness by intruding on anothers liberties. Liberty means? FREEDOM FROM FORCE. You hypocrite hunters sound like you would rather live under a consistent tyrannical rulership where there is only law and no freedom. Oh no, because freedom is too paradoxical for simple minded morons like yourself. So why dont you go back to your moms basement and collect your welfare check.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-13T19:11:42.920
Lol you need to read the Constitution. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are in the Declaration of Independence, which was literally just a Declaration of Independence not a governing document. The constitution doesn't mention those. The constitution provides the methods for governing, and that's it. All I was saying (which you still haven't responded to) is that you're complaining about people doing exactly what you did in your post. I didn't say I hated freedom, I said you were arguing like a guy who was whining making your entire response logically invalid. Sorry if I made you go into a steaming rage, but (seeing as this is an opinion thread) I felt it would be justified to say your entire post was emotionally unmoving since it was out of control and non-factual since you didn't provide any evidence or arguments even after TheOncomingStorm asked you for some arguments presented by the people you're complaining about. Either you have no idea what you're talking about and won't admit it, or you're too stubborn to fathom the idea that anyone could possibly challenge you.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-13T19:28:00.930
No, I said that legally they have no business getting stuff banned cause they dont like it. If they dont like it, they dont have to. But you are clearly just trying to twist my words. You are just trying to claim that I am a whiny crybaby based on your small minded interpretation of what I wrote. I never and I mean ever said that I want things banned I dont like. I am saying that I dont want to be legally forced to follow rules I dont agree with just cause some group of people wanted these rules in place on everyone. It sound to me like you are making the collectivist(As in see groups and not individuals) argument. What I am clearly saying and what the constitution says is that as long as we are not using violence or force, there is no reason for Government to get involved. Is that not clear enough? Government using violence on those who were not violent in the first place is not constitutional.
DatAzian says2013-11-13T19:30:48.757
In other news, people who use pictures of crying babies are baby-haters. Btw, i love freedom. I also agree that if you want a free society you have to put up with a lot of $hit. So quit whining about what i choose to do with my freedom. And really, if this was such an intellectual site, then why do they have such stupid topics?
jtightlips24 says2013-11-13T20:03:15.620
@DatAzian, Look whose talking, your going on my wall bossing me around, over a stupid picture that just happened to be a choice. And look whose talking about freedom "Quit whining". That is just your small minded way of silencing any legitimate criticisms. You sound like some immature, ignorant troll who has nothing better to do but start immature wars and twist facts to suit your ignorant agenda. PS, you cannot have a free society when big babies get legislation passed that only suits their agenda. You are truly a moron if you think that you can just act like an immature gradeschooler bossing me around.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-13T20:21:43.700
@jtightlips24: The Constitution actually doesn't say that. Maybe you should read it sometime. You must be talking about a part of a sentence in the first amendment concerning the right to publicly gather. You also just basically said you don't like to follow the rules of democracy. Actually you seem a bit like a relative anarchist. Is that your belief? I'm sorry but any democracy, democratic republic or republic is going to make you upset because people that disagree with you are going to get laws passed. If you don't agree with them (you still haven't specified what it is you don't like so I'm left guessing as to what laws you're upset about) then suck it up and move on or convince other people to agree with you because that's the only way to work with a democracy.
DatAzian says2013-11-13T21:07:58.053
@jtightlips24 i like you. You make me laugh.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-14T00:47:55.873
Thanks, I appreciate the only non-trollish comment
Thelizard57 says2013-11-14T01:26:50.950
Laquaine makes it clear that he is the pathologically damaged one here,quit being a jerk to people on the internet.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-14T02:02:01.830
"Pathologically" is a good word. Last time I tried it though it didn't work. Yes I probably did have some pathological fun up there, but I am being serious about how democracy by definition involves one group of people getting what they want. Thus complaining that democracy is working and is un democratic annoys me, which is why I poked fun at it.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-14T05:10:39.763
We dont have a democracy, this is a democratic republic, where rule of law rules the land, not majority rule. Which means that we are given universal rights.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-14T13:47:46.647
Well democracy is shorter, and since I already said that in a democratic republic you're also going to experience another party getting what they want when a law is passed, I figured I wouldn't have to clarify again.
DatAzian says2013-11-14T13:47:48.117
It aint a democracy or a democratic republic. It's becoming a freaking dictatorship
jtightlips24 says2013-11-14T16:51:19.103
Because of crybaby corporations who cry when people dont use their services and get laws passed to help their interests.
Thelizard57 says2013-11-14T17:13:37.770
LAQUAINE is being a brat to people here. If you whine and cry and try to ban things because you think it's terrible, you are a terrible person.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-15T03:07:03.487
@Thelizard57 thanks. I guess I hit too close to home for him
LAQUAINE says2013-11-15T04:57:22.707
You're actually misrepresenting companies. They use lobbying which is a legitimate political process that anyone is capable of using. So just because there aren't as many individuals using lobbyin as business doesn't make businesses crybabies. So far you have not presented a single warrant for anything. Your assertions are all made without backup. So, instead of using the ad hominem logical fallacy to argue how about you prove me wrong. Right now, use some evidence and prove me wrong.
jtightlips24 says2013-11-15T05:46:09.863
Lobbying is just petitioning the government. But these corporations are just bribing government to get policies passed that help no one but their own interests. And sorry to break it to you, but corporations dont have the right to interfere on our rights, just to help out their business agenda. But you appear to just want to troll your "Most vocal should rule" fascism on the people. And thats what corporations are doing, they are bribing Government. Want some examples? Big Pharma, they own the FDA, and the FDA is telling us what we can eat, and forcing drugs onto us, so the Drug Companies can make money off of their products by eliminating anything contrary to their allopathic medicine. But that means nothing to you, when you want big government to protect the poor baby LAQUAINE from himself.
DatAzian says2013-11-15T14:31:10.093
Quit ganging up on @LAQUAINE. @TheLizard57 and @jtightlips24 are being meanie weenies.
LAQUAINE says2013-11-15T15:07:37.467
If I was gay and next to you I'd kiss your right now, but I'm neither so you're safe. Thank you for finally providing an example. I actually agree with that. I think the government telling us what to eat is stupid.
Thelizard57 says2013-11-16T17:59:55.853
Absolutely, the government telling us that we can only have a small soft drink or where you go to school or what you can or can't do.(Of course, a government telling us what to do like not kill people or rob them is the essence of civilization, can't complain there.)But I am sure you get the idea. The governments job is to oversee things that effect the government and the general populace, not to act like a babysitter with a kid who doesn't want to do what it wants to do.