• Cuba should be a U. S. State.

    It would be a phenomenal opportunity for those of us here in the U. S. To be able to invest in Cuba. It could turn out to be the Nantucket of the South. Give Cuba statehood, It’s about time. I never understood why we send our soldiers to the other side of the world to fight in the Middle East, But won’t do the same for an island 90 miles south of us. To save people from communism in our hemisphere is just as worthy.

  • It is a great idea!

    We already have so many ties with Cuba and the United States is full of Cubans. We might as well just let it become a state. Sure their economy is terrible but we can build it up. They need us and plus one of the goals of the United States is to spread democracy.

  • Let's invite them to join us!

    The American people and the 50 states should invite Cuba to become a state in our union. They will benefit and America will be stronger as a result. We need Cuba and Cuba needs us. It's terrible what we did in the past trying to keep a corrupt dictatorship in power to oppress the people and make it a mecca for organized crime. We should have invited them then to be a state. Let's invite them now. This is a no brainer.

  • Territory then Statehood!

    Because of apathy and cowardice by every U.S. President to invade & conquer & defeat wicked, brutal, cowardly Fidel Castro, cubans continue to suffer.Honorable John F. Kennedy's attempt should be completed by President Trump. Send in 200,000 American soldiers with Special Forces. In 5 Days FREE Cuba! Imprison/slay Raul&Communists. Rejoice

  • Support and aid for cuba is crucial !

    The inhabitants of the island of Cuba need SERIOUS economic REFORM ! The wages earned by mostly every single citizen in Cuba is OUTRAGEOUSLY low, and in the United State of America and just about any other high-powered nation in the world, it would be considered inhumane. Making Cuba a U.S state, just like Puerto Rico, would ease the lives of MILLIONS and even enhance OUR economy as they will be providing a HEAVY load of workforce. You have private-licensed taxi-drivers in Havana making more than DOCTORS whom work long hours providing life-saving practices on people. It is an UTTER necessity that these people receive support from the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have to set a global example of aid and support, for other nations to follow on the Western Hemisphere. Thank you & Good day !

  • 2nd Manifest Dynasty

    It can not be a state immediately nor )Puerto Rico maybe) but with lots of American and foreign investment and people moving to Puerto Rico and Cuba it would example Florida has 20 million + people and I know a lot of newcomers, Americans, snowbirds immigrants and other will come to the islands and with 30 -50 years of being a territory of the us it could become the 52 or 51 state because PR would most likely 51 maybe Screw communism and the Castro Regime USA

  • Post fall of the Castro brothers

    With the Castro regime nearly over, Cuba is going to be looking for a new government. Most Cuban citizens are not fond of Communism and with recent tensions between the US and Cuba warming up they may look towards statehood as a possibility in the future. Not to mention becoming a US state would mean BIG, I mean REALLY REALLY BIG investment as it would become the new vacation destination hot-spot. Just look how much tourism boomed after Hawaii became a state. Not only will tourism increase but American companies would see Cuba as a new market and invest which would boost Cuba's economy greatly.

  • Without a doubt Cuba should be given the option of becoming a US state.

    We have historical ties with Cuba. The possibility is there to make it an economic power-house. With the tourism and natural resources, they could build wonderful hotels and restaurants while painting the the 1950s ambience. I have spoken with many of cuban-american friends and they all want Cuba to become a state

  • If Cuba's people want it, then we, as a country would highly consider it.

    Cuba is about 90 miles from Florida, so that makes it one of the closest islands to mainland USA. It would have a great tourism economy, and it has resources like nickel and crude oil which we could use and sell to other countries. I think we should be open to the idea because it could actually be feasible and might even work out. Someone who posted in the no category said no because we would have to spend a lot of money to strengthen their infrastructure, and while that may be true I don't think that it will actually be that much. They also mentioned something about the social well fare that would have to be sent down there, but that opens up a whole new can of worms. We already need to overhaul social welfare and this may just be the platform to do it. Plus many cuban citizens actually work and when minimum wage and things like that are applied to them I don't think social welfare will be that big of an issue. We should not force them to become a state, but if they vote on it and it passes, then I think we should let them become the 51st state.

  • Cuba 51st State.

    The time has come to end the brutal dictatorship of the Castro family and bring freedom, democracy, prosperity, and elected government to all Cubans. They deserve it. Not only would tourism flourish in Cuba but tremendous industry and services would bring in tremendous economic benefits. The time has come for bringing the American Dream to millions of more people.

  • No it should not

    I think that before the US starts adding on new land to itself that it should better the land that it currently possesses. Cuba does not even hold any significant resources anyway and it could be a waste of time not to mention what they did to us during the Cold War.

  • No, Cuba should not be offered statehood.

    America cannot afford to reconstruct a dilapidated nation with a small economy and extreme poverty. America's current overseas territories are relics from the past and don't serve any meaningful national need. Adding Cuba would be a backwards step. Finally, it would meet with significant indigenous popular resistance due to America and Cuba's past relationship.

  • No, Cuba should not become a U.S. State

    No, Cuba should not become a U.S. State. I believe that the United States has enough to contend with without biting off more by trying to force statehood on another country.

    Cuba has it's fair share of problems and troubles but I believe that the United States has no business there.

  • Nope not a good idea

    There's a place call Puerto Rico that should become a statehood yet Donald Trum said no. I mean i know why because there are pros and cons but come on we still need the help. When we grow on a place where a lot of bad stuff happens you want the government to do something about it, But i prefer every state that is not a state to stay like that its better.

  • Cuba is not ours

    They are not ours to take hold of. They should be responsible to fight some of the own battles because they look to us for all sorts of things. We cant look to them though because we are such an advanced country. So how would they benefit us? I can only see how they could harm us.

  • Debt-37 Billion=Higher crimes in U.S.

    Cuba for many years has been irresponsible in the direction of their territory. This includes high crimes, poverty, tax reform and neglect of their citizens. United States is not responsible for ignorance of high debt Cuba has obtained. United States needs to pay more attention to our debt and people before we carry on the burden of other countries and territories.

  • Bad Cuba Bad

    Cuba bad, Burn us down, They hate us, We don't like them, we might as well give up on life if we let Cuba become a state, I mean the economy is already down in flames, Why not try to fix stuff here in our own country to make life's better here than to destroy them. THANKS OBOMA

  • Unless they vote for statehood, then no and hell no.

    USAmerica was founded as a nation built on freedom, self determination and anti-imperialism. To outright annex a nation that doesn't want to join our own is to sell out what our country is all about. Cuba has their own proud culture, traditions and ideologies. Most of which are counter to our ideologies of individualism and individual freedom. If Cuban culture radically changes and they become a more individualistic society, then go ahead. Let them vote themselves into the Union. But outright annexing them is against both what Cuba and America is all about.

  • Everything the united states imperialist power touches turns to GUANO. Cuba needs self determination, not uncle sam meddling in it's affairs.

    Amerika...Leave Cuba alone. It does not need your paternal posturing. Your Imperialist attitude. Your militaristic culture. Uncle Sam is a backstabbing behemoth. Look at what amerika did to The Phillipines, Mexico...Canada. The united states needs to mind it's own business and stop trying to reshape the world in it's own mongoloid image.

  • Cuban tourism destroyed.

    Havana doesn't need black Fridays or multiple macdonalds or kfc's . The Cubans are poor by Americas standards but they value and share what they do have. The vast majority of tourists wish that they had such a slow and socially cohesive way of life. China is still communist but we economically choose to ignore this despite human rights abuse. America took Hawaii, paradise lost, !. A plethora of hotels and shopping malls on the coast, all's well,! Kiss your history goodbye cuba, uncle sam's on the way!

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