• Yes, of course.

    I do think cults should be a subject in history and in social studies classes. It should be taught that religions are essentially cults, as well. This is a very important piece in human behavior. If Christianity were just starting today, don't you think that would be considered a cult too?

  • Cults Should Be a Subject in History Classes

    Cults should be included as a subject in history and social studies classes because cults have a role in the country's history. To learn from cults is to learn to not repeat the same mistakes that contributed to the formation and rise of cults. Examining cults purposes and motivation enables students to understand the psychology of humans and assists in protecting the country from future cults.

  • Cults should be among the topics studied in school history and social studies classes.

    The dynamics of cult indoctrination is an appropriate subject for students to study because cults pose a dangerous threat to society's safety. The most extreme example of the potential damage a cult can do is the Nazi culture created by Adolf Hitler, resulting in the death of millions of innocent people. Understanding how similar indoctrination processes occur in all cults provides useful insight into how people and societies operate.

  • What do you think religion studies is?

    What exactly do you think the study of religion is? Christianity is a cult. Islam is a cult. Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, whatever-else-ism is a cult. We just call them religions because they had great marketing and public relations to give them a veneer of acceptability in our culture. And yeah, since they're already taught, I have no problem with it.

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