• As a student myself I agree that culture should be taught in schools.

    The result of culture not being taught in schools is something I see and witness daily. We have grown adults in America who are so ignorant and are unaware of other cultures and countries. It is so sad to see. Even while I was in middle school teachers often asked me to go back to where I came from. So if bullying is something you're worried about or you yourself are selfish enough to not educate your children then think about the future of America. Remember none of us are actually native unless you are part Native American. It's important to know your history before lashing out at minorities.

  • Yes it should be

    It is important to learn about other cultures. So that we may know more about other cultures. We are after all made by the same GOD who loves and cares for us all. In schools we should learn about other cultures so we can learn our children how to deal with different cultures, cultures should be taught in schools :)

  • Yes, I see no downside to this idea. Only positive experiences could result.

    Children from every country in the world deserve an education. As part of that basic education, I feel they have the right to know about the world around them. There are so many different cultures all with their own ideas and customs, what harm could come to a child from learning about them? I feel that cultural awareness being taught actually sets the child up to be more adaptive in life and tolerant of others. They would have so many more opportunities to pursue their own individual interests. Why would we deprive them of that chance?

  • American parochialism isn't healthy

    Pretty sure it is being taught, though it's hard to tell some days. Yes, it should be mandatory, more than that, students should be exposed to alien ways of thinking and doing things at every opportunity, and taught to respect them. Unless it's religious fanatics, then they should be taught to pity them.

  • Yes, cultural awareness should be taught in public schools.

    Basic education on different cultures helps teach kids a little bit about the large world they live in. As the world turns into a globally connected body through the Internet and other communication devices, kids are exposed to more and more diversity. America is also a hodgepodge of cultural diversities. Teach kids the basics of different cultures in schools will only help them become better global citizens in the future.

  • Yes It Should Be

    I believe cultural awareness is very important and it should be taught in public schools. Cultural awareness is something that can affect and influences a persons life far beyond school and it is important that children learn these important lessons. Without cultural awareness, we as a society, are simply allowing injustice to continue.

  • We should not have cultural identity at school

    Because can make fun of you and they will tell you to go back to your country.
    The kids will get sad and offended of what the kids say about them.
    And other people can hurt you because we're you come from. Other places some people can even kill you for your culture that you come even if you are half cultural and they will not like you if you say something about them.
    If you come to someone and say your cultural they can get kill or hurt

  • No we should not be teaching our children that it is ok to come to the US illegally and to suck services from taxpayers

    Global diversity: yes; however, in California, some schools are 93% hispanic and yet the whites are STILL being taught to "support" the hispanic culture, that they are the ones in need of being sensitive. How about teaching them that these populations do not value laws and therefore do not deserve to be respected.

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