Should cultural education be provided by employers if they have mixed-culture workers?

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  • Get culture on your own time.

    Being more culturally aware is something that you learn while doing. Simply interacting with different people will give you an understanding of their culture. Now if you are prejudiced against an ethnic group for whatever reason, I have the only option a company with ever need: Just show that person the door.

  • No, I dont think so

    I think that is just too expensive on the employers,but if they have the funds I think they should do it. It is just one thing that people should know already, cultures are different, and you should learn what offends others if your going to work with them, it only benefits you in the long run.

  • Adults should learn to behave like adults.

    I don't think that this is something employers need to handle. If we're in a professional environment, then it should be on us to act like professionals and not schoolyard children. The only culture that matters in the workplace is the culture of productivity. Everything else is not relevant. Getting stuff done is.

  • No, not at all.

    The workplace is the workplace, and I think cultural education would simply make for an awkward situation between people and is just another line drawn in the sand. It is good to address specific things, such as inequality and racism, but to harp on ethnicity and race from every angle is ridiculous.

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