• If they hurt people.

    Yes, cultures should be pushed to change their views, if they do things that are inhumane. If a culture does not allow a woman to work or drive a car, they should be pushed to change that view. If a culture makes people work so hard they have heart problems, they should be pushed to change their views.

  • Adapt or Die

    Cultures should be pushed to change antiquated views, otherwise they will whither and die. Charles Darwin's theories about adaptation are true with the world's traditions that seem silly. Does it matter that men are circumcised now that we have modern medicine? Should Islam still have honor killings? Should the Roma still travel throughout Europe? Should the Catholic priesthood continue to be a men's-only club that disallows its members to get married? All of these cultures and traditions have bases that are thousands of years old but these concepts really have no place in contemporary society because humans have evolved beyond their primitive thinking from long ago. If cultures don't adapt to modern society, they will become irrelevant very soon.

  • Yes, cultures should be pushed to change their view.

    Some cultures have views that are inferior to others' views and that can result in negative consequences for neighboring cultures, and therefore they should be pressured to change. Who has the right to determine whether someone's views are "inferior"? I do. You do as well, and if we disagree, then we will compete to enforce our views against each other.

  • No, cultures shouldn't be pushed to change their views.

    I do not think that some cultures around the world should be pushed to change their views. I think that cultures around the world have just as much right to believe what they want as much as the United States does in regards to their own culture. I think that as long as they don't infringe on the rights of other people, then it isn't a problem.

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