• Money is bad

    For far to long i have watched as the privileged have helped themselves to decadence while leaving so little for the rest of us. I watch politicians and celebrity's endless claims that they care about the poor. Then why do they only acknowledge when it's beneficial to them. It's time money was allowed to die and freedom allowed to breath the oxygen of cooperation by everyone not just the select few.

  • To safeguard Humanoid

    Currency will become big enemy for human. Currency invented for transaction make easy in ancient period but it has own defects which even kill all the human in the world. It is time to eliminate currency from the world. Currency is unreal energy which is source for all kind of theft burglary black money, corruption, wrong politicians, bad government and shaking the globe.

    Posted by: BSKR
  • Watch Star Trek! No money in the future!

    The rest is self explanatory. They do not use money and live perfect lives, With free healthcare and technology. We must learn how we can abolish money and corruption because the world is sick. We do all sorts of things for money and its pretty sad. It has to be fixed ASAP.

  • Currency is changing the world

    Currency is changing the world and the future of humankind. Currency is restricting us because every item humanmade has value fixed to them. Currency is also forcing us to do stuff to get what we want. Currency is manipulating our minds to do things that usually complicates every thing else.

  • We have the technology to rebuild society

    TECHNOLOGY! It is do able. People may contribute what they want on open source servers to develop technology that replaces the need for human labor. Humans should be constantly educated and knowledge should not be restricted. How often is it that great minds are wasted because they lack the resources to contribute to the world? How often is it that technology is hidden and not released because it is unprofitable to major conglomerates or detrimental to the economy? Movies like the matrix serve to scare society away from the idea that technology could take over. AI does not have a mind. It does what you program it to do.

  • If Currency cannot be divorced from Usury, Then YES.

    The middle men are the problem.
    Eg: If a nation's treasury "mints coin" to pay for the building of a $1m bridge there is no need for a DEBT to be created as the bridge becomes listed as an asset of equal value to the coin minted and the books are balanced.
    The problem begins when, Behind an overly complex charade of smoke and mirrors, When our treasury lends "funds" from an external source - the IMF, World Bank or the Central Bank to pay for the bridge. Debt is now created and worse still there is Interest to be paid to "service" the debt.
    As is the case, Every nation on planet Earth is in enormous Debt, So to whom in the debt owed? Answer, "The Middle Men".
    Usury is the act of lending someone some thing and demanding more of that thing be returned.
    If NASA's InSight prob were to find and make contact with Martians and lend them $1 at 10%pa, What would happen? The Martians would be able to "Service the Debt" for a while, But after 10 repayments all or the principal $1 will have gone to NASA as interest payments. There was never any $s on Mars before NASA showed up and its against the law to produce your own $ so how do they make the next interest payment. And they still OWE the principal $1.
    Usury was a moral sin up until about 500 years ago. I'm not a religious person but usury is one human transgression I believe deserves the"Sin" label.

  • The system is obsolete and flawed to the point of endangering our existence.

    Unfortunately I think the time has come and gone for band aids. We are participating in a 5000 year old system of resource distribution (money). It is the ultimate decider of what we can do or cannot do as individuals and groups. It is void of morality and thereby assumes the morality of its owner. It has no motive and thereby assumes the motive of its owner. This is the system in which we think we can survive as a species? It has no relativity to the necessities of life on earth? It has no relative tie to our needs on this planet. It in fact promotes the desecration of our planet in promotion of itself? This is what we are? Sorry, No time left for band aids that just prolong our death. Abolishing money and using the systems we created to quantify and allocate it to properly quantify and allocate resources themselves. No middle bullshit! Relativity to the people’s needs! That’s all we have time left for. Then we can say it is more profitable to reuse and recycle! Can you imagine how advanced we would be as a species if we used access to resource as the determining factor in quality of education medicine science tech! All these things don’t require money, They require trained people who want to do good work. If the motive on the entire planet is to conserve and advance, We will, Rather than spending all day consuming resources to sell something that consumes more resources so you can get money to consume more resources? This is some f'd up shit we are participating in! And it is a mathematical guarantee we will kill the only provable God we know, Mother Nature! The system is obsolete, Flawed and now too dangerous to continue!

  • We don't need money.

    We have technology were everyone as a whole can be self sufficient such as:

    -Solar powered technology
    -Homes that can be built with the use of 3d printers
    -Farms that run on a computer software available to all
    -Machines that can create fresh water out of the atmosphere.

    Everyday we wake up like a herd of sheep and get on the freeway sit in traffic to go to a job we hate. We hate it because it's not what we want to do, It is what we have to do. We have become trained animals alarm clock goes off wake up brush your teeth, Shower, Breakfast and drive to work. The elites who run society decided through money we need their permission for food, Water and shelter. Everytime you pay a bill you are acquiring permission to have those things. Our ancestors never worried about bills why should we?

    We are constantly on edge sitting in traffic if we're late we could lose our job along with our basic needs. We are constantly underpaid overworked with meaningless tasks to make someone else richer. We are constantly stressed out about how we are going to pay bills. One question always comes to mind is it all worth it when we have the technology to make sure everyone has all their needs met? Is shortening our life span through stress worth it when we can live off the land and build technology available for all of us to enjoy life the way we are supposed to.

    We built their cities, We run their factories and fight their wars. Everyone in society has become subservient to the people at the top whether you see it or not we have become the new serfs.

    There is no reason Apple should have a Trillions of dollars while there are people living off $2 dollars a day in shacks, Barely able to afford to feed their families. There is no reason Yum a subsidiary of Taco Bell should be a 3 trillion dollar a year industry while there are people who can't afford to eat. There is no reason Pharmaceutical industries should be worth 5 trillion dollar a year industry while there are people who can't afford basic health care.

    We have the tools and technology we just need more people to spread the message that we don't need them we can build all this technology on our own. Imagine if all your needs are met from birth until now the incredible feats we could have accomplished as a human race if money was never an issue.

    If you are fed up going to work everyday being a subservient animal, Making someone you never met before richer while you barely afford your bills then stand up and let your voice be heard. Talk to more people, Research self sufficient technology and spread the word as best you can. We can change the world for the better if we aren't afraid to spread this rhetoric and become leaders.

  • It is Time

    We live in slavery to a trust based system that has diverted humanity away from spiritual and conscious growth, And ultimately a purpose beyond our mortality and societal constraints. . . Our money system has chained us to a caste system that is consistently barring us and punishing those at the bottom. . . Currency can come in many forms, Trade, Etc. . And it's time we evolve past green paper and develop our future and race based on the betterment of ALL, An not just the few on top

  • When you say abolish money you mean everything is free

    When you remove EVERY single form of money from the world, All abuse, All forms of discrimination, And a ton of suffering are reduced. Imagine walking into a cafe and ordering a coffee, And the waiter tells you to have a nice day, After which you walk off without paying. Imagine a world where people are actually properly motivated by their jobs and strive for the best of Humanity. There is nothing in this scenario for a totalitarian government to take advantage of. No money means no personal finances anymore. And no finances means nothing for a government to take. And yes, People WILL continue to work even if they don't get paid, Because they are doing what they love this time, With completely no hinderances from money. Hell, The more organised animals live in societies like we do, And without money their societies are the equivalent of a developed first world country by our standards, Except of course everything is free. Money is a Human construct only, And is blocking so much progress we could have made. Back in the days before barter trade existed, Where everything was free, When we had just discovered agriculture, We were so well off! Now, I am not stupid enough to say that it is as simple as abolishing all money. It is not. But i hope in the future steps will be taken in this direction

  • Your dumb ok

    Your dumb. Why in the world would you try to abolish money. It's the key to the success to all of the economies across the world. It has been so many years since people have used the trade system. There is a no way people can just go back to there old ways.

  • There will always be currency

    It used to be sea shells, marbles, glass beads. The concept of having some intermediate token represent value and allow for more flexible trade of goods than direct barter is here to stay. Now whether this is in the form of coins & bills of today's known monetary system (Y, USD, EUR etc) is another question. The more interesting question would be whether central instititions should manage the currency supply & value versus society relying on truly market-driven decentralized currencies.

  • Don't know! Ohh

    I am a robot and you do what i say i am 21 so get used to it bumheads is this a real debate of course it's not it is a silly waste of time to human beings so who is the retard that set up this website later gayass

  • A totalitarian idea.

    The abolition of physical money would pave the way to total state control of personal finances, making it possible for any extremist government (such as the EU, who are propagating this idea) to steal as much as they like from whomever they like when they like. This must never be allowed.

  • Why would we abolish currency?

    Currency has in no way been a bad influence to humans. Over thousands of years we have used many things for the purpose, and to abolish it would be useless. What would drive the economy? Currency has FUELED the economy, and will continue to serve that same purpose. Abolishing currency would leave us without an economic and structures society.

  • It's nearly impossible

    Paper currency and coin currency could be demolished, but take a look at our history. People have traded rocks, food, animals, and many other goods as a form of currency. No matter how hard you try, everything has a value. How could you justify giving things away for nothing? To abolish currency, you would have to abolish government, monetary value, and all forms of trade.

  • Of course not.

    Currency has in no way caused any negative effects to society. Without it we would need to return to haggling 7 chickens for a cow, as opposed to just paying 800 denarii for it instead. Some people, for some reason, seem to think that getting rid of currency will stop crime. People will just steal the physical objects themselves as opposed to the money.

  • Money is great

    Ever heard of capitalism? It works pretty well. We have modern amenities such as: food, Water, Technology. Look at the communist regimes in Cambodia and Russia. People were starving. Did communism, Where there is no money, Work? The answer is no. Reconsider your life choices. $ $ $ $ $

  • Abolishing measurement does not abolish the thing being measured.

    Money is a measure of subjective value, as determined by market forces. To claim that abolishing money will get rid of greed is akin to the claim that abolishing liquid and dry measurement methods will abolish thirst and hunger. It's akin to claiming that a socialist aristocracy that sequesters all rights to capital ownership and control among its hereditary elite is equivalent to the abolishment of exploitation and the empowerment of the working classes. Only those truly ignorant of economics actually believes it, and only shameless Left fascists can still peddle this absurd nonsense in the 21st century with a straight face.

  • If money was abolished, nobody would work.

    Although money is mostly bad for humanity, because we endangered the planet because of it, money brings workers and if currency was abolished, nobody would work. Most people wouldn't survive without money because it would be hard to survive by themselves alone and even then people would need to exchange something to survive. So, money should stay as a currency.

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