• School is much too easy

    I'm in 7th grade and if I put in any effort I get an A+. If school were harder I might have to put in more effort, making me 'learn' more. Even though what you learn in school is only 5% of what you need to know in real life.

  • Students need to be challenged

    Think of all the random general knowledge, that we consider important life skills, bouncing around in your brain; the months in the year, times tables, vocabulary, spelling, the list is endless. In fact, studies done by the scientific america magazine show that the human brain has no 'capacity' for knowledge. Ask any student and he or she will tell you they get too much homework and their teachers must hate them and blah blah, but if you teach them they will learn. They say they are being overloaded, because that is what everyone else considers overloaded. However, if you raise the bar, students will rise to meet it. Classes are already graded, and this will not change. Some students work harder and some are just naturally more intelligent, and there is tutoring services available for those who need it. My point is, under any circumstances there are students who will always struggle, and there are students who will excel, so why not raise a generation of more responsible, higher educated youth? You would be surprised what they are capable of

  • Already Too Hard

    The curriculum's are already getting harder and I've been researching for a while now and I found out that when 3rd graders are in 6th grade they will be doing a curriculum that's suppose to be for kids in 9th grade. So I think that the curriculum should not change no more.

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