Should Curse Words be as Censored and Frowned upon as they are today?

Asked by: snow_u
  • Just ban them.

    Should it be acceptable to assault someone without provocation? Of course not. Thing is, using curse words can be considered verbal assault according to the law. Seeing that it is considered a form of assault, it should be banned.
    -One of the worst things we have done is to call it "adult language", as if using such language makes you more mature. I think this is one reason why teens and young adults tend to use it, to make up for their immaturity.
    -Many people use it for shock value. If you look at certain movies or songs, they wouldn't be near as popular if they did not use curse words. Sorry but cursing does not make you more talented.
    -My dad and one of my sisters were in the Navy (a sailors), two of my brothers were truck drivers at times in their lives. My other sibling, and mother worked in factories, and I had worked on a shipping dock. These are all careers that have become synonymous with cursing, i.e. curses like a sailor. Funny thing is, you almost never hear a curse word from any of us.
    -While working on the shipping dock, we would get new employees who curse. One older guy I worked with almost never cursed, that is until we got in these two new guys who did a lot. The older guy wanted to fit in so he picked up the habit but to an extreme. I remember one time, we were talking about natural disasters when he spouted. " F, I don't Fing know what the F I would do if I was on Fing Mount St. Fing Helen's. Fing ay." I thought to myself "seriously?" To me, it made him sound like an idiot trying to make himself look more interesting.
    -Think of it this way. Would you like it if someone left porn mags on a table in your child's or younger sibling's preschool? Of course not, but if we allow curse words to be used publicly, that is the same thing.

  • They are just Synonyms

    Words that we have attached censorship towards are completely useless, as they are essentially just synonyms of words we use today that no one will frown upon. Think of the F-Word (I don't know if swears are blocked so I am not going to take any risks) and the word Screw (as in "You're Screwed"). They essentially mean the same thing, though one people will frown upon or censor, and it makes no sense. Another example of this is the S-Word (as in poop) and Crap. Those ones are especially similar as they have the same base meaning, poop, and terms like Bull-crap and Crappy are still used today, and the S-Word can have the same meaning. But guess what, if you say the S-Word, it will have to be censored or some people will frown at you or show disgust. The fact that humans had to develop words that you could get in trouble for or are necessary to censor that are just synonyms of other words makes no sense. Either un-censor the words, or just stop using them, as there are other words with the same exact meaning that no one will take offense towards.

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