• There should be no restrictions imposed at all.

    TV stations should be able to decide whether or nor to censor daytime swearing. That will piss some people off and make them moan, But they just need to either lighten up or piss off! And once they get used to hearing f**k, Cunt, Shit and so on in the daytime, Most will see there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Yes it should be allowed but as to a certain extent

    The reasoning behind this is that children shouldn't be at home whenever these shows are on because they are at school at the time. I also believe that if you don't like cursing then you can get u off your sorry butt and go change the channel. If kids are home then you should not be watching those shows while they are home. And if your kids do happen to see these shows explain that these are bad words and that they shouldn't be sayin that. Also they should draw a line at children shows .No cursing should be allowed on kids shows i know I wouldn't want my kids watchin that. I rest my case... Bye y'all

  • Doesn't do harm

    Unlike violence or porn there is no real evidence that hearing swearwords does children any harm, so there is no reason to forbid them. People may be unsettled the first few times they hear s..T, f...K or c..T on daytime TV, but before long it will treat it as perfectly normal.

  • Yes. Why does it matter if it is on day time tv?

    Kids will hear it anyways. We were all kids at once. When ever our parents were not around we would cuss because we thought it was cool. Why does it matter if it is on tv too? They hear it in music, from peers, and from their own parents, so it really does not matter!

  • Yes, cursing should be tolerated on daytime television.

    I believe that cursing should be not only tolerated, but encouraged, on daytime television. Anyone who doesn't want to hear cursing can choose not to watch those channels (or websites, or whatever means are used to watch television.Not allowing cursing on daytime television limits the creative process. Parents concerned about what there children watch have a very simple solution - either watch television with your children, and don't leave them unsupervised; or teach your children what is and isn't acceptable and make sure they respect you enough to follow your rules.

  • Yes to an extent.

    Yes I think that cursing is acceptable and should be tolerated on daytime TV. I think that it depends on the curse word and the situation, but in general I think that it is okay. If it were the person saying harsher words than maybe tone it down a bit.

  • OMG! Is she hurt. Well fuck you!

    Bloody hell. Let them swear they going fucken swear eventually. Fuck Fuck and fuck,fuck. F U C K Y O U F U C K Y O U F U C K Y O U. F U C K M E. F U C K Y O U U U

  • Uh, heck no.

    Cursing is all ready bad enough. So lets not put it every were. Kid's are watching t.V and all of a sudden it drops the f bomb. Cursing on t.V is not a good idea, unless you want your kid's to curse at you. It's up to you get cursed out if you want.

  • Children are around

    Kids could hear these word and say it to anyone near them and not safe for children's ears to hear. If kids listen to those type of words then they will end up saying them. According to source one,” Swear words in media may lead children to become more physically aggressive as well.” This shows that aggressiveness is mostly to come out in the end. Your kid will curse at you and will not be trusted.

  • Children shouldn't hear offensive words.

    Children in half day kindergarten shouldn't have to hear the swear words on television. They're offensive and the last thing teachers need at school is little kids swearing at each other. There's a time and place for those words. The words are for adults in adult situations with other adults, which is not during the day where kids can easily access them.

  • Cursing attacks a moral issue among people

    Cursing is a bad idea anytime and when you factor in the ability to have it on daytime television a lot of people will be exposed to it. Meaning if kids are out of school or a family is watching television nobody should be subject to that sort of language.

  • Cursing should not be tolerated on daytime television

    I don't care who is on television, cursing should never be tolerated under any circumstance. People are getting more rude and meaner everyday, and that is because we have become lax because of the people we see on television. The ones that swear and cuss are bad role models, and one should never resort to this when they are trying to make a point. Cursing just shows that you have no self control, and that is bad for the American public.

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