• Freedom of speech is a constitutional right

    Freedom of speech is a basic constitutional right. The issue of public swearing has come up in multiple court cases, and the courts typically land on the side of free speech, even if indecent or offensive. Any legislation designed to outlaw public cursing is likely to get struck down by the courts then, so would be a colossal waste of time

  • Freedom of speech.

    Yes, cursing should be allowed in public, because they are just words. If the person says the words in a manner that is disturbing or offensive, that should be punished as it is disturbing the peace. However, just in conversation, a person should have a right to their freedom of speech, including curse words.

  • No, it should not be.

    Cursing in public should absolutely not be outlawed. That would be silly and ridiculous. Of course words have value, but when there is too much value placed upon words they morph into something heavier than they need to be. In short, do not outlaw cursing. It would hinder society in an odd way.

  • No, cursing in public should not be outlawed.

    Even though it may be rude and unnecessary at times, cursing in public should not be outlawed. When a person says something, they are expressing their right to freedom of speech. At times and at certain place, curse words should not be used, for example, when around children. But, making curse words illegal would be violating our freedom of speech.

  • No, definitely not.

    No, "cursing" should definitely not be outlawed in public. "Swear words" don't really hurt anyone. It would be terrible to censor words with fines. Racial or gay slurs are much worse than "cuss words" and what counts as a "cuss word" is subjective, but I still don't think that any of the words should be outlawed. Maybe strongly discouraged in some cases.

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