• It should not ban

    It is very useful to students.Writing is not crime.If it was banned the students who was habituated for it how can they change.Cursive writing is now the handwriting of elite. Are people seriously wasting time trying to ban a certain way to write when half the letters in cursive writing basically look like regular letters.

  • Yes, cursive writing is no longer used outside of school so why should we teach it.

    Teaching cursive makes no sense if our students are never going to be using it out of school. Here are some reasons why. Typing is much more faster to do and way more efficient, information is more accessible if you use the internet because the answers are all over the place , and nowadays us teachers want students to type way more things than we used to so why should we want to teach these things to our students.

  • YES, cursive writing should absolutely be criminalized.

    And the punishment for it should include being sent to a re-ducation boot camp, the same kind we send youth gang members to. Cursive is illegible, and anyone who uses it is illiterate. I cannot tell you how mad I get when someone sends me a chicken-scratch letter I can't even read, because they wrote it in this antique bull manure. The fact that cursive even existed at one time attests to our stupidity as animals.

  • Why? It is because it's progressive and therefore good?

    Looking at the malformed, extremist arguments - trolling or otherwise - for "BAN IT" tells you everything you need to know! It's proponents of keeping children stupid and educating them using only the internet - or many a bible, torah or koran - who want this,

    If you're going to ban cursive writing because it's only used in schools, then you ought to ban education and exams too. The arguments are laughable.

  • Really? People are getting this worked up over a writing style?

    Are people seriously wasting time trying to ban a certain way to write when half the letters in cursive writing basically look like regular letters. Come on now, who waste time with this? Next people are gonna try banning foreign languages in school. You know cause this is America and the outside world beyond out country is totally irrevalnt. The government wants our kids to meet up with other countries yet they think kids in America can't handle something as simple as cursive writing.

    We a country full of dumb people.

  • Cursive writing should not be banned

    There is no reason to ban cursive writing just because it is something that is not used as much. I think that it should not be a requirement anymore, which I am pretty sure they did. But going as far as banning it is a little much. People should have the freedom to learn cursive writing regardless of how useful it is.

  • Not banned, there's just no point in putting an emphasis on it anymore

    I remember learning cursive, I also remember that being approximately the last time I had to use it for anything. I guess it borderline makes appearances in my signature when convenient, but even then it's only for a couple of letters. Cursive writing doesn't hurt anything so it doesn't need to be banned, it's stupid to make it a mandatory part of curriculum when absolutely nobody uses it though.

  • Why should it?

    I dont think it should be. Whats the big deal in it. Its just a handwriting style. It doesnt change the answer or the essay or whatever.Its not even like the students future is being affected by handwriting. If schools cant provide us with that much freedom then we're doomed. Schools that ban cursivse are in my eyes just pure stupid.

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