• Globally tightened customs rules would benefit all of society.

    Customs policies should be tightened worldwide. This is because it would prevent things such as biological weapons and drugs from easily entering the country. In addition, it would help prevent counterfeit merchandise from gaining access to other countries. These products violate trademarks and reduce trade trust between many civilized countries.

  • The most recent plane crash.

    Yes, customs policies should be tightened world wide, because tighter customs might have prevented the plane crash over Vietnamese air space. Investigators are learning that a few people on the flight used fake passports to board. Were they terrorists? We never scanned the stolen passports before take off. This could have been prevented with better customs.

  • We have a good balance right now

    The work customs officials do is very important. They help stop the spread of disease, help keep local ecosystems pure, and make the flow of illegal goods across borders more difficult. However, they also have to balance the needs of travelers against this. It already takes a long time to get through customs and additional delays could slow international trade and travel. At this moment in time, I believe we should leave things the way they are.

  • No they should not be tightened.

    Customs policies are already extremely strict and unfair and biased in many ways, they do not need to become even more strict on how to handle and operate. By increase the restraints of customs less people will travel and the the economy will slowly begin to feel the pressure from less air travel.

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