• Customs should be much tighter

    I think that the customs policies of the United States need to be much tighter. In my neighborhood several old growth trees had to be cut down because someone imported some shrubs from Asia. Those shrubs are believed to be how the Asian Longhorn Beetle came to our area. The insect kills trees. The trees in our neighborhood had to be cut down to contain the infestation. You can imagine what that did to property values. Invasive species are destroying ecosystems around the country and the world for that matter. One way of dealing with this is stricter customs regulations.

  • Too much gets in.

    Yes, customs policies should be tighter in the U.S. because there are too many things that are allowed into the United States. Thousands of pounds of drugs are smuggled into the United States each year, because our customs officials are not looking hard enough. We need to be more strict.

  • Imports hurt U.S. business

    Customs policies should be tighter in the united states. Cheap imports from other countries like China and Vietnam are hurting american manufacturing, and if customs policies were tighter, american industry would benifit. The benefits would go far beyond that, too, such as reducing unemployment and as a result boosting our economy.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe customs policies should be tighter in the US. Having traveled out of the country just a few times and being forced through customs I found the process somewhat invasive and unnecessary. I think customs is something we could legitimately cut back on, in my personal opinion.

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