Should cuts be made to social programs to protect the defense budget?

  • Men wake up in morning wondering if they will ever do any great. A soldier has already done that.

    A soldier, spending long hours for low pay, willing to die for some one else's freedom. Those men and women have a job, most do it to the point of destroying their bodies over a career. These son's and daughter's singed a contract with expectation that if they do their duty no matter the cost to their future physical, emotional, and mental limitations they would be modestly supported by the >90% whom enjoyed the freedom protected by a soldier. While strategic planning needs to reshape the military for future needs it should not be done on pay checks of a solider who will see their pay worth less ever day. Yet, programs that allow for free ride even if below poverty. Social programs (free rides need to end). Under employment is still employment. Next career chose one that need. Demand colleges change curriculum so people are job ready.

  • America, Jesus, Freedom

    In order to protect this great nation, a strong military must be financed. Without a strong, powerful military, the United States is vulnerable. It takes a soldier to defend a country, not a robot, not a drone. People forget who fights theses wars. Its no won on a computers screen, its won by the heart and soul of an American Soldier. So those that would rather use tax dollars to feed and support those not willing or refusing to, please do us all a favor and feel free to stand in front our troops since you fail to stand behind and support them. I pray this country gets back on the right path, morally and economically. God Bless America.

  • Because America is an open society, it needs a superb military force or terrorists will seize the opportunity to push their agenda's.

    The USA is an open society where the citizens enjoy many freedoms that are they envy of many countries in the world. Even the poorest can achieve greatness because of free public education. The military provides the "big stick" of, "If you push the USA over the line we will get you." This is true whether it is Osama bin Laden , Saddam Hussein, or Adolph Hitler. This is why there is bluster and bellicose language, but that's all there is. Down size the military and remove the threat of retaliation, and many groups and countries will become bold indeed!

  • Social Programs should not be cut

    Social programs are a cornerstone of our modern society. They enable society to run efficiently and without them people would not be taken care of. Defense is already far too big and should be downsized. Building more tanks is not going to help people who can't find work. Social programs are more important than defense.

  • The defense budget is over inflated. We need the money at home.

    It seems rather criminal to take the food from starving children, to remove the care from the elderly and disabled, and to take away the safety net that those who are unemployed, poor, infirm, disabled, elderly and young depend on just to further add to the already inflated defense budget. We already have enough weapons to blow up the world many times over. We already have the tools that we need to do damage on a wide scale. We are not dealing with Cold War forces. We are dealing with forces who are scattered, using tactics that are similar to the ones that we ourselves used in the Revolutionary War when we hid in the bushes and fought a more heavily armed force. We do not need to race to get more arms. We need to use what we have better. We need the money here at home. We do not need it getting blown up and wasted by going to the already inflated defense budget.

  • Plan for the Future

    Social programs have been proven to be effective in not only caring for members of society that need help now, but also fostering children coming form low income backgrounds in taking charge of our future. Denying these children the right to higher education only serves to dig them in a deeper hole. Our unemployment rate is high enough, we don't need to do anything to cause it to rise in the future.

  • Cold War Ended 20 Years Ago

    The Cold War ended 20 years ago. There is no need for such a huge Department of Defense budget any more. Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good to prevent the so-called "fiscal cliff" being talked about with our national debt. Social programs should be made more efficient, and the military should be downsized. No government program is sacred and there should be cuts across the board instead of tax increases.

  • No Need for Defense at This Time

    During a time of peace, there's absolutely no need for us to be maintaining our current levels of defense spending. In fact, I would go ahead as to argue that we should start cutting back on defense spending.

    Having to maintain a defense budget during these tough times have been hurting our economy in a grand way. On the other hand, social programs like Pell Grants and Medicare are helping our nation move forward in these dark times.

    So no, not only should we not cut social programs to protect the defense budget, we should be thinking about cutting it.

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