Should CVS and other drug stores stop selling tobacco products?

  • Yes, I feel they should stop.

    I feel all stores, including drug stores, should stop selling tobacco products. I lived near a grocery store where the owners decided to stop selling cigarettes and the like, because they were opposed to it. If tobacco products are more difficult to get hold of, then it would potentially help people stop using them. Personally, I could not morally run or own a store and sell products that I felt were a danger to people's lives.

  • CVS made an important first step.

    CVS' recent announcement that it would stop selling tobacco products is a step in the right direction. With what we know about tobacco's harmful effects on human bodies, there is no place for such products to be sold in an environment that promotes healthy living. Hopefully other companies will follow.

  • They are a health store.

    Yes, CVS and similar businesses should stop selling tobacco products, because it goes against the nature of a health store to sell products that are harmful. CVS will have a much clearer message and brand if they stick to products which are consistent with its mission. CVS should leave tobacco sales to tobacco stores.

  • Yes they should

    I think that CVS is making a good choice by stopping the sale of tobacco products in their stores. I think it would be best if all drug stores followed suit. I think that stores should be able to sell what they want so it should not be a law or anything. I just think it is admirable of them to stop selling tobacco products.

  • Freedom of purchase

    Drugstores should decide if they want to sell tobacco products, there should be no "law" about that.
    Drugstores also sell many unhealthy items other than tobacco products, should there be a "law" against junk food?
    We do not need a big brother regulating what we purchase.
    We do not need any more laws

  • Tobacco is a drug

    So it is appropriate to sell it in drug stores. In recognition of what type of product it is, it is other kinds of stores,like supermarkets and corner stores, in which it should not be available. Emphasis in education and its location in society should stress the fact that it is a highly addictive drug.

  • Kind of contradicting

    I have never really given this too much though; however, when I think about it, I find the fact that CVS and other drug stores selling tobacco products kind of contradicts itself in a way. They are trying to sell products that provide more health and yet they are selling tobacco.

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