• Cyber Bullying Should be Allowed

    I'm completely against cyber bullying, but as the constitution clearly states, every person has freedom. So by introducing the idea of the internet also introduces the idea of communicating on it. Also there is no law whatsoever saying you cannot cyber bully so I'm going with logic on this one.

  • Well, why not?

    Okay, this may get a lot of hate, but bullying should be allowed. Before you stop reading, you should understand some stuff. Kids not being exposed to some form of bullying and being pampered and not prepared for the "real world" They have to learn how to stand up for themselves and be able to express self confidence. If they grow up without any problems, they are gonna cry when they get fired from a job or something. This generation of kids are being babied and thus, as adults experienced in their childhoods, 'bullying, harassment, and intimidation' should be allowed as it teaches kids to stand up for themselves and exposes them to the world where not everything is nice.

  • Don't need more government control over the internet

    It is the parent's duty to control their children's activities on the net. The government should not be involved in parenting. Children that get cyber bullying have social problems to begin with and should handle them in the real world not what goes on in a computer screen. For children that getting cyber-bullied go to a website or social network that cracks down and punishes said individuals or come into contact with the administrators in charge of that network or website and ask for help.

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  • Cyber bullying should be allowed

    I may be hated but cyber bullying should be allowed because it shows that kids could actually take sad moments in life and man up to the real world, and on top of that we all cyber bully even when you think you dont you still are.Besides all ive said it is hard to stop because how many do it and kids should just fight it because they dont realize if you dont take offense to it they cant use it against you and just stop saying stupid things kids or you will get cyber bullied

  • It's not something one can control.

    Only the people bullying can control what happens, and if it gets to be too much one can always delete the sites being used to bully them, and/or block people. That may sound like victim blaming, but that's because it's the easiest solution without bringing unnecessary legal arguments into it. Furthermore, since it does not cause a panic or anything violating freedom of speech, we can't regulate it.

  • To many deaths from cyber bullying

    People commit suicide because people are being mean to them and caber bullying. 81% of people think that its funny and that its ok and that they dont care if people commit suicide or not because they care only about themselves and no one else. There are many apps that you can use also like snapchat kik insntagram and many more apps to be used.

  • Cyber bullying should not be allowed

    Cyber bullying should not be allowed i understand the constitution gives you a right to speak your mind but it does not mean a person can use it to say hurtful things too another human being even though they might think its not that bad it is. Also people can take things seriously when hurtful things are said to them because they can be having problems and other issues in their life that no one else could no about.

  • No. It should not be allowed.

    Despite the ambiguity of the question - asking whether cyber-bullying should or should not be allowed makes it seem like there is a way to control its existence - I strongly believe that it should not be allowed.

    Cyber-bullying is bullying, and it more commonly happens to children rather than adults, for whom peer acceptance is very important and most of whom haven't matured enough to have the ability to handle it yet. All arguments stating that bullying will allow children to acclimatise to the harsh reality of the world is invalid, for a number of reasons:

    1. This makes it seem like it is a necessity for all children to bullied so that they will be unfazed in the future. No, it's not. Not all adults were bullied as children, and many of them are fine.

    2. Allowing cyber-bullying to continue to happen is like saying that it is okay to cyber-bully, and as a result, it would continue to occur, even as children who are exposed to it become adults. Why should we allow negativity to exist just so that people will get used to it? Why not just get rid of the root cause of the problem, which is negativity?

    Cyber-bullying is also even more terrible than normal bullying for a number of reasons. Due to the ability for people to remain anonymous online, people are less likely to consider the effect and consequences of their actions, and would tend to be harsher. As such, psychological pain caused would be even more extreme.

    It's also harder to run away. We are human after all, and it is hard for us to simply accept the fact that people are talking behind our backs, without worrying about what they are saying. We have an innate need to know. This desperate drive to know more would mean that ignoring whatever is being said about us is a challenging task. Not impossible, but very very difficult for someone that will have to face these people the next day without knowing the reason for hushed whispers and giggles behind hands as they pass by.

  • This is harassment.

    This is nothing more than a bully being a coward by hiding behind a username and a screen. Young kids have hurt themselves, and have even committed suicide because they received e-mails and texts that cursed them out or told the victim to kill themselves. Is it any different than harassing someone in real life? The only difference is if the victim explodes, the bully gets beat up, and the victim is suspended instead of the bully. You are promoting hatred, and for that you deserve the hatred you promote.

  • No, it is bullying... Why should it be allowed any more than 'real life' bullying?

    People who argue that kids needs bullying to force them to toughen up clearly don't know what they are talking about. Even if it worked for them personally, for most people, bullying does not toughen you up. It makes you feel lesser, worthless, unwanted.. Unloved. That is the reality. Cyber bullying is still bullying and therefore should NOT be allowed. It's not about freedom of speech! Its about abuse... Cyber bullying is abuse, unacceptable abuse that can and has pushed people to suicide. It must be stopped.

  • Cyber-bullying is a form of intimidation

    Intimidation (bullying) is illegal and can do incredible psychological damage to the victim, and it is usually only stopped by a witness. On the internet, bullying can be done anonymously, and without a witness, so it could be done over the course of years, and there is the possibility of it never stopping.

  • This is saying bullying should be allowed

    Look at the world we are already breaking apart from one and another. If we don't come up with this people will cause death of another person. Do you all remember what happened to Amanda Todd? Bullied to death. Look I get it's a free internet and you have don't have laws. You are wrong. People spy on each other using the internet. In the 90's there was no law. Since the spike of the technology that has changed.
    People faced numerous trouble due to cyber bullying. It's morally wrong for cyber-bullying. That fact is you can't live in someone else's mind. If you don't act you can never stop this. Go ahead say that it's free internet. Also realize how far do we go? When is this going to stop. If we don't act? Who will? Your sons and grandsons? Stop cyber bullying before another person is a victim. "If not us Who? If not now? When?"JFK. This is a serious matter.

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